Why German Cockroaches Love Mississippi Restaurants

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a german cockroach infestation in a mississippi restaurant

Restaurants here in Mississippi face a variety of pest-related challenges, but these insect invaders are a tougher obstacle than the usual suspects.

German cockroaches are some of the most common pests to invade human habitats. They are about a half-inch long and are easily identified by the two black stripes against their brown or tan bodies just above a pair of folded, translucent wings. This species of cockroach rarely leaves the ground, although they are capable of flight. Extremely dependent on human activity, these creatures cause problems for homeowners, businesses, and particularly restaurant owners all over the state. 
High moisture content, food waste, and dirty or high-use areas make restaurants particularly appealing to German cockroaches, which puts both the business and their patrons in the path of danger. These disease-prone and dirty insects can quickly spread parasites and deadly strains of bacteria across surfaces and important foodstuffs they consume and crawl on. If not dealt with quickly, roaches can continue to breed, eat, and infect individuals for years. Further, a business’ credibility, safety, and profits can drastically decline when roaches are present.

At-Risk Restaurants in the Magnolia State

Despite their prevalence in the southern states, there are some tried-and-true procedures that can be put in place within a restaurant environment to reduce the risk of pest invasions.

  • Reduce humidity and moisture content in problem areas by utilizing a high-quality dehumidifier. Repairing leaky pipes, dripping appliances, and other water sources can also help eliminate any chronic concerns.
  • Any holes or tears around window or door screens should be patched up immediately. For an added layer of protection, install weather stripping to reduce access for pests and weather rot. 
  • Caulk, seal, and otherwise repair any fissures forming in your business’s foundation.
  • Install mesh or wire covering over any vents that access the outside of the restaurant. The warm shelter of these spaces gives German cockroaches the ability to go exploring and possibly hunker down in places where they are hard to spot.

If you think or know that German cockroaches are present on your restaurant’s premises, the time to act is now. Book a complementary roach inspection from one of Havard’s Pest Control’s bug professionals now.

Havard Holds the Gold Standard in Pest Control

While prevention is the most important step to warding off pest infestations of any kind, the best way to protect your restaurant from German cockroaches is with on-going pest service through Havard Pest Control. Call our office to learn more about our legendary gold standard of service and the year-round pest control plans available to you and your business today.