Toughest Pest Threats Business Owners Face

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a rat in a commercial garage

What pests will present the most difficulty for your business? That depends on what business you're in. A restaurant owner won't be nearly as worried about bed bugs as a property manager, and a department store manager isn't going to be nearly as worried about pantry pests as a warehouse manager. There are specific pest pressures for each industry. But there are a few pests that rise to the top and create a significant problem for almost all businesses. Today, we're going to look at three of them— technically four.


When mice and rats get into a business, they can cause many problems. These furry critters bring harmful bacteria from dumpsters and sewers and they can contaminate kitchen areas and stored foods. They chew holes in stored items and damage building materials. They cause widespread contamination with their feces and urine. They cut through wiring with their teeth. And these pests don't come in alone. They can bring ticks, fleas, mites, lice and other parasites in with them.


If your business is to produce, package, transport, store, sell or prepare food, these insects are public enemy number one. Cockroaches can lead to failed audits and business closure. But these insects aren't a threat only to businesses that deal with food. They can be a plague in any business. The mere presence of cockroaches is enough to drive customers away and hurt your bottom line.


If you own the structure your business is in, you need to have protection from subterranean termites. These insects cost U.S. property owners more than $5 billion every year. But, even if you don't own the structure your business is in, termites can cause damage that will make your business begin to look rundown. Floors can sink, ceilings can dip, and walls can bulge. No business is better for having termites eating away at the inside of walls and ceilings.

These are all tough pests to deal with, not simply because they are so common, or that they are able to cause significant problems, but because they're extremely difficult to get rid of. Mice, rats, cockroaches, termites and many other pests can move about inside your walls. Fortunately, there are field-tested products and methods established by industry experts, that work to eliminate difficult pest threats like these.

Get your business protected against tough pests. If you're in our Alabama or Mississippi service area, reach out to Havard Pest Control. We offer industry-leading, QualityPro Certified pest control for business owners. We'll help you get a plan in place that will work to protect your business from all of the many threats pests can present.