Common Misconceptions About Bed Bugs In Alabama

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a bed bug infestation on an alabama mattress

Falsehoods repeated often enough won’t make them true, especially in regards to lies told about these tiny bloodsuckers that could be lurking in a home near you. 
Many homeowners in Alabama have been given incorrect facts about the habits of bed bugs. Lacking the proper education about these insects may lead to poor decisions regarding bed bug treatment and prevention. Some believe that bed bugs cannot be seen with the naked eye. Unfortunately, this leads to homeowners not being able to correctly identify the apple seed-sized adult bed bugs that may be hiding in their mattress, bedroom, or suitcase. 

In order to protect yourself from the harmful effects of bed bugs in your home, prepare yourself with a misconception reality check from Havard Pest Control.

Bed Bug Misconceptions At A Glance

Bed bugs never change, but the information you can learn about their habits will be constantly evolving. Bed bugs start establishing themselves in your home by latching onto luggage, clothing, and unassuming people while they rest in an infested area. Contrary to popular belief, these insects can be found hiding out in many other places besides beds. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, meaning that any place you breathe in can become infested with these parasitic creatures.
It won’t be just a dirty house that sends bed bugs running toward your home. While there is some scientific evidence that points toward bed bugs being more attracted to dirty laundry and cluttered spaces rather than clean ones, these insects aren’t picky about their environment. If you think or know that bed bugs are plaguing your home, reach out for a comprehensive inspection today.

Be Hard On Bed Bugs With Havard Pest Control

Perhaps one of the worst bed bug misconceptions is how easy they are to eliminate from homes. Using over-the-counter products, home remedies, or steaming and vacuuming may help to keep bed bug populations down, but they will never strike at the root. Just a single bed bug or batch of eggs that travel into your home can put you and your family at risk. To take decisive action and truly eliminate your bed bug infestation, rely on the help and expertise of Havard Pest Control by contacting our office today.