Yes, Rats Can Really Come Into Your Alabama Home Through The Roof

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a roof rat infestation in an alabama home

Don’t let your guard down just because you live in a home with a roof on it. These agile rodents are fully equipped to infiltrate it one way or the other.

Roof rats, also called black rats, are some of the most prevalent pests in the southeastern United States. These black rats are capable of jumping up to two feet in the air, and over four feet horizontally! Roof rats measure between six to eight inches long and sport long pink tails that are slightly larger than their bodies. While they are considerably smaller than their cousins, brown Norway rats, they should never be mistaken for a house mouse. Their heftier frames, dark fur, and wide snouts are a dead giveaway. 
As you might imagine, any rats found in the attic can be dangerous. Their destructive behaviors and many diseases should prompt homeowners to seek the help of a professional pest control company like Havard as soon as they are discovered.  

How Roof Rats Infest Homes

Roof rats will try to get into homes like other rodents but they have the unique advantage of trees and long branches. With their excellent climbing ability and nimble limbs, roof rats can hop onto roofs. These rats will chew through any weakening shingles or wood structures to slip into your home, utilizing cracks and crevices the size of a quarter to force their way inside.

If roof rats do manage to make their way inside, several problems may occur:

  • Damage to insulation, wiring, shingles, and wood 
  • The spread of bacteria and diseases 
  • The transmission of new pests such as ticks and fleas
  • Scampering and other sounds during the night 
  • Unpleasant scents or odors

The sighting of a rat will always be a bad omen for homeowners, but these dark-furred creatures may be some of the worst around. To discover if your home is housing a roof rat infestation, schedule a comprehensive home inspection with Havard now.

Hunting Rats? Havard Can Help

No bones about it, roof rats are some of the most dangerous household pests in Alabama. From their fur to their waste, they have a long list of disease risk factors. And many people find it difficult to identify the exact number of rodents that are infesting a property, especially since rats multiply quickly.
To keep yourself safe from disease, injury, and stress, contact the professionals at Havard Pest Control. Serving the residents of Alabama and beyond, we’re proud to help homeowners get and stay roof rat-free all year round. Call today to speak to a professional pest operative about your options.