Say Goodbye To Termites: The Ultimate Guide To Termite Control For Hattiesburg Homes

December 21, 2023

Do you value your home? Most people do. Without a home, you might have to fight against negative conditions outdoors and the threats that nature poses. This is not preferable. As a general rule, humans like to be comfortable. Termites threaten this comfort. These little bugs like to chew away at wooden structures locally and can cause serious problems for homeowners.

If you have not taken the time to consider termites and the problems they might cause for your Hattiesburg home, here are some things to think about today. Call our team at Havard Pest Control if you would like to know about our termite removal options. One of our team members will talk you through our services and make sure you know what you need to combat these pests on your property. 


termites and swarmers

How To Identify Termites: Types, Behaviors, And Warning Signs

Identifying termites can be a chore. These pests actively stay out of sight by tunneling through the wood of homes or living underground around properties. Unless you are willing to wait until the damage these pests cause becomes obvious, it is best to find ways to identify them early.

Two ways to do this are to look out for mud tubes around your home’s exterior foundation and swarmers on your property. Mud tubes are often used by these pests to bridge the gap between exterior soil and your home’s wood. If there is not a gap, they will not need to create these tubes to get indoors. Swarmers are winged reproductive termites that seek out new places to build nests. If these flying termites are inside your home, assume you are dealing with an active infestation. Talk with our team at Havard Pest Control if you would like us to help you identify these pests. We will find out for certain if you are dealing with an active termite infestation. 

Understanding The Termite Threat: What You Need To Know

There are some things you should know about the damage termites cause. To start, these pests are not quick with their destructive habits. It takes over a year for the damage they cause to become noticeable and even more time for it to become severe. The reason they are able to cause so much trouble is due to how silently they destroy properties. Because identifying these pests is so difficult, homeowners usually do not notice them until it's too late.

Infestations typically start from the ground and work their way upwards through the walls of homes. Subterranean termites, the most common species in our area, spread moisture as they damage homes. This moisture weakens wooden structures and allows them to chew through them easily. To help you avoid termites and the problems they cause, here are some things you should know about prevention and control. 

Proactive Measures: Preventing Termite Invasions

It is important that you stop termites before they get into your home. Here are some options you have to deter these pests before they invade.

  • Check your home’s exterior for gaps, cracks, and openings. Seal these potential entry points using a caulking gun.
  • Make sure all of your doors and windows are working properly and have good seals.
  • Remove sticks, leaves, and other organic clutter from your property.
  • Remove fallen trees and dead stumps from your yard.
  • Address damage to your home’s gutters and have them cleaned once a year.
  • Make sure all of your home’s piping and fixtures are in good working order.
  • Repair sections of your home’s wood that are water-damaged or in decay.

For additional help dealing with these or other local pests, talk with our team about our control offerings. We will find an option for termite control that directly solves your problems with these pests.

Professional Termite Control: Calling In The Experts

If you have never taken the time to think about termite control services, now is the day to do so. These pests are destructive and will cause trouble inside your home if you allow them to.

Bring in our team at Havard Pest Control if you know your home has a termite problem or if you would like to preemptively invest in treatments to keep these bugs at bay. We have everything you need to save money on home repair costs. Reach out to Havard Pest Control if you have questions about our pest control services in Hattiesburg or if you are ready to make an appointment for your home and property. 


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