Eliminating Cockroaches For Good: A Comprehensive Approach For Hattiesburg Homes

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Would you ever eat a cockroach? For most people, they wouldn’t even touch these pests if they were paid to do it. If this is the case for you, we don’t blame you. These bugs are nasty and usually come with a fair amount of bacteria, pathogens, and other disease-causing organisms. If you think these pests are inside your home, it is a good time to take action.

Call our team at Havard Pest Control if you would like to know about our cockroach removal offerings. We will walk you through our process and help you schedule an appointment for your home and property. Keep reading to learn more about the cockroaches in Hattiesburg and find out if you have what it takes to prevent these terrible pests.

Visible Signs Of Roaches: How To Identify An Infestation

The easiest way to identify a cockroach infestation is by seeing these bugs crawling around inside your home. These pests have flat, oval-shaped bodies and long antennae, as well as being quick on their feet. If you wait until you start seeing these bugs, however, you might find yourself up against a massive problem. What we recommend is keeping your eyes out for the signs of cockroaches. These include:

  • Fecal droppings
  • Shed skin
  • Egg capsules
  • Damages to cardboard, paper, and fabrics
  • Grease marks

For help spotting these signs, bring in our team. We will inspect your home and help you understand your risk. 

Health Hazards Of Cockroaches: Protecting Your Family

Living with a cockroach infestation is not good for your health. These pests are nasty little bugs that love to eat and crawl over things like rotting meat, decaying vegetation, and fecal droppings. This leaves them teeming with all sorts of bacteria, pathogens, and other sickness-causing organisms. They then spread these sickness vectors throughout homes by crawling over countertops and tables, invading pantries, and eating left-out food.

Some common diseases you might contract from these bugs include salmonellosis and tularemia. If you think roaches are crawling around inside your home, do your best to keep things clean and sanitized. This will reduce your chances of getting sick while you seek options to get rid of these pests. 

Professional Roach Extermination: Call The Experts Right Away

The best way to stop different types of cockroaches from causing trouble inside your home involves bringing in our team at Havard Pest Control. We are a diligent local provider with our eyes on the prize, the prize being your freedom from pest problems. Our goal is to provide top-tier pest control services for anyone who needs help.

Whether you are dealing with an active problem with cockroaches or you are looking for a long-term solution to keep them out of your home, we have what you need. Talk with one of our team members today to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment for your home and property. 

Effective Ways To Keep Roaches Out: Essential Prevention Measures

If you cannot afford long-term cockroach prevention or would like to go above and beyond to make sure these pests stay out of your home, here are some DIY options to consider. 

  • Seal gaps, holes, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation using some liquid cement or silicone caulk,
  • Invest in quality screens for exterior doors and windows.
  • Make sure doors and windows have proper seals with things like weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Keep your living areas clean and tidy.

Call Havard Pest Control to find out more about our local cockroach control options. You might find that protecting your Hattiesburg home is cheaper than you thought.