How Did My Mississippi Home Become Infested With Bed Bugs?

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bed bug crawling on floor

There are a number of ways that bed bugs may have gotten into your Mississippi home. These bugs, which feed off of the blood of humans or animals alike, are often carried on hosts into your home. Bed bugs can also travel on soft materials, such as used furniture, beds, and clothing. You should be sure that all materials of this nature, especially coming from another home, are inspected for bed bugs, cleaned, and safe.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like In Mississippi?

Bed bugs are small insects, with a brown-colored shell. Bed bugs will change to a red coloring after ingesting a blood meal from their human or animal source. They are typically about the size and shape of an apple seed. Bed bugs are oval in shape, though will swell with blood. The bed bug does not fly, but can move quickly across surfaces in your Mississippi home. They seldom “nest,” and instead rely on their fast-paced reproduction to infest a space. One female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs, each the size of a speck of dust, in her lifetime.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel From Mississippi Homes?

Bed bugs can travel between homes, hotels, shops, public transportation, or anywhere people are. These bugs attach to a host, needing an animal or human’s blood to survive. Most often, the bug attaches to humans or animals and comes inside from the outside or from other sources of infestation. If you’ve stayed at a hotel recently, for example, a bed bug can attach itself to you or items in your luggage, travel home with you, and create a new infestation in your Mississippi home. Likewise, if you purchase soft, used materials such as clothing, furniture, curtains, or bedding, these materials can also come with bed bugs “hitching a ride.”

When Should I Call A Professional In Mississippi?

If you wake up with itchy bites on your skin that you cannot explain, you may have bed bugs. Other typical signs of bed bugs may include:

  • Offensive, musty odor
  • Dark, rust-colored spots on sheets, mattresses, bedding, or walls
  • Bed bug fecal spots, eggshells, or shed skin
  • Bloodstains on pillows or bedding

If you have any signs of bed bugs in your Mississippi home, or are unsure if your pest is a bed bug, it is best to at Havard Pest Control. Our experts can determine your best course of action to keep your home bed bug free. Bed bugs are best left to the professionals. These quickly reproducing pests are very troublesome to get rid of on your own. We recommend calling us at the first sign of bed bugs to keep your family free from their bites.

How To Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestations In Mississippi

The only way to confidently keep your Mississippi home free from these pests is to routinely have Havard Pest Control treat your home for bed bugs. We have professionals trained in the methods to keep a home pest-free in the long term. At Havard Pest Control, we will create a unique treatment plan for your Mississippi home to fit your needs and your budget. We will also execute our plans and continue our service with routine follow-ups to ensure the infestation doesn't return. Call Havard Pest Control today to get rid of bed bugs once and for all.