Should I Be Concerned About Termites In Alabama?

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termites on a mound

Termites are not just an unsightly nuisance; these pests are capable of destroying your property. They leave behind expensive damage, and can, if left uninterrupted, devour your Alabama home. Thankfully, at Havard Pest Control, we know the professional methods to rid your Alabama home of termites once and for all.

Identify Termites In Or Around Your Alabama Home

You may be wondering what does a termite look like? This can be a tough question to narrow down, as there are a wide variety of species. Even within those species, the termite typically lives in a colony where the roles or jobs are divided. Depending on their job, each termite may appear differently from another. For example, some termites have wings and can fly. These are often tasked with reproduction and have two sets of wings. Others are more left to working and have mandibles that align with their jobs. Generally, the termite is ¼ to ½ of an inch in length. They have a soft body and range in color from white to light brown.

Signs Termites Leave Behind In Alabama Homes

As termites feed on the structural wood in your Alabama home, they'll leave signs behind that may help you figure out if you have a termite infestation.

  • Damage is usually a sign residents first notice, as termites will feed on the wood in a home. They will also eat paper products, cardboard, canvas, drywall, and carpeting. Signs of termites include finding wood that sounds hollow, is easily pierced, or has a grey-brown-colored film on its surface.
  • Swarming, or the sight of termites in flight, typically occurs in Alabama in the late winter, and continues into September or October of the following year.
  • Mud tubes are a way for termites to ensure they are not out in the open but can remain under soil even where none is available. As the name sounds, these are caked tunnels created by the termites, resembling a dirt color, weaving up walls or foundations.

If you do find what you think may be signs of termites in your home, relying on professional pest control such as Havard Pest Control is the best choice for truly identifying what pest is taking up residence in your Alabama home.

Are Termites Dangerous In Alabama Homes?

Termites are not just annoying pests. They are incredibly destructive and can eat away at your home, from its foundation to its wall studs to roofing materials. If it is made of wood, a termite can eat it. You need to protect your Alabama home before it is too late. While they do not harm humans via a bite or a sting, termites can put a hurt on your wallet, doing expensive damage to your home. In the span of just three years, an infestation of termites can make a home dangerous to live inside due to property damages.

What To Do About Termites In Alabama Homes

At the very first sign of termites, you want to call Havard Pest Control. Our experts are prepared to do a thorough inspection of your home inside and out. We will create a comprehensive treatment plan for your unique needs. Our plans do not stop there, as we continue with routine follow-ups ensuring your home is continually termite-free. Don’t let the termites eat up your investment; call Havard Pest Control today.