Why Bed Bugs In The Southeast Are Nearly Impossible To Defeat Alone

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bed bugs on mattress

Bed bugs are unlike any other pest. Of course, this can be said about a number of pests, but with bed bugs, their differences take the cake. Just think about it. What other pest hides on random items in the hopes that they will make their way into a potential home? Also, have you ever heard of any other pest that hides around your bed during the day and feeds on your blood at night? There is no doubt about it, bed bugs are unique, and unique pests, require unique solutions.

Why Bed Bugs Are Difficult To Treat Alone

As pests go, bed bugs are one of the more elusive ones. When faced with danger, bed bugs will instinctively run and hide. Sometimes they will go as far as inside your walls to escape their demise. Once there, they can hunker down for upwards of a week without feeding. Most of the time, this is long enough for whatever treatment you have done to wear off. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to bed bugs is the fact that they are resistant. Over the years, bed bugs have been treated with a number of pesticides. At first, these pesticides work wonders at eliminating bed bugs, but recent studies are showing that bed bugs are learning to adapt. With every new generation, bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to certain pesticides. This means you could be wasting your money using store-bought pest control.

The final thing you should consider about treating bed bugs is that you cannot exclude them like you can other pests. Because of how they invade, clinging to items that you carry inside, bed bugs cannot be prevented by sealing cracks in your walls or investing in better window screens. The only real way to stop bed bugs from getting into your home is with a keen eye, knowing what these bugs look like, and a knowledge of where they hide, and even these strategies fall short.

Why Call Havard First Thing If You Know You Have Bed Bugs

If bed bugs have found their way into your home and are costing you precious sleep, it’s time to call in the professionals. Here at Havard Pest Control, we understand how difficult bed bugs are to spot and treat alone. For this reason, we have trained thoroughly to ensure that our treatment methods work. In addition, to help you identify if you have a bed bug problem, we offer free inspections. So whether you know you have bed bugs, or just suspect that you might, give us a call. We would be happy to send one of our friendly pest technicians your way, asap.