Year-Round Look At Cockroach Problems

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cockroach crawling on the ground

If you live in our Alabama or Mississippi service area, you know what a cockroach is. You probably even know the specific name of a few cockroaches such as the American cockroach or the German cockroach. But, are you aware of how bad cockroaches are? Do you know that cockroaches are implicated in the spread of more than 33 kinds of bacteria, 7 kinds of human pathogens and 6 specific parasitic worms? Do you know that they increase asthma symptoms in homes they infest, especially homes that are in urban areas? Do you know that cockroaches can bite? There are many surprising ways cockroaches can be a threat to you, your family and your pets, and they can be a threat all year long. This ability to be a year-round pest is what we are focusing on today.

Cockroaches prefer temperatures in the 70s and 80s. When roaches are warm, their bodies work like well-oiled machines. Some even begin to fly when they get warm enough—this, of course, only pertains to cockroach species that have the ability to fly. But roaches can be active from the high 60s to the low 90s. If these insects get into your home, they can find the ideal temperatures to remain active all year long. Your home will protect them from extreme heat and extreme cold.

If Cockroaches Haven't Invaded Yet

During the spring, summer, and fall, it is important to take measures to resist cockroaches around your home. Consider these attractants:

Cockroaches need moisture. They will be drawn to a yard that has lots of it. If you have any conditions around your home that promote moisture, it is important to address them and keep your topsoil as dry as possible.

Cockroach love shade. While they enjoy the warmth of the sun, it has a drying effect on them. Therefore, cockroaches are drawn to shaded areas. If you have many areas of thick tree canopy, you should consider thinning it out to allow the sunlight in.

Cockroaches are drawn to food. It is surprising how many things cockroaches consider to be food. They'll eat rotting organic material in your trash and dog droppings in your yard. They're not picky. In fact, they're the opposite of picky. They prefer dirty, rotting material. Keep things clean and secure to reduce cockroaches.

If Cockroaches Have Invaded

It is extremely difficult to exterminate cockroaches. If you're dealing with a cockroach infestation, the best solution is to hire a professional to apply systematic pest control methods and products to arrest your infestation. If you're in our Alabama or Mississippi service area, let the highly-trained and experienced pest professionals at Havard Pest Control help you solve your roach problem. Our team knows what is needed to eliminate cockroaches any time of the year.