Are Termites In Mississippi Ruining Your Property?

July 14, 2022

Learning how to get rid of termites is vital in preventing this pest from ruining your property. With the help of Mississippi pest control and proactive prevention techniques, you can eliminate infestations of termites and effectively protect your property from future damages.

termite closeup in wood

What Do Termites Look Like?

Though there are several different kinds of termites across the United States, most species look similar in appearance. In Mississippi, property owners are most likely to encounter the eastern subterranean termite, the Formosan termite, or the southeastern drywood termite. These termites will appear no larger than an inch long and have oval-shaped, soft bodies. They range in color from off-white to shades of brown and dark brown, depending on the exact species and age of the termite. Swarmer termites will appear either red or black in color, which is also species-dependent. 

If you need assistance with termite identification in Mississippi, you should reach out to our experts at Havard Pest Control at the first sign of a termite problem.

What Is The Best Way To Identify Termite Damage?

In most cases, signs of termites inside your house don’t occur until termite infestations are widespread in the hidden areas of your home and cause significant damage. Indicators of termite damage are:

  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Pinpoint holes in walls or baseboards
  • Mud tubes outside or inside of your property
  • Wood that appears damp, damaged or breaks away easily
  • Sinking floors, dipping ceilings, or bulging walls
  • Bubbling or peeling paint on walls
  • Parts of your property giving way to collapse

Seeing these signs around your property can indicate a significant termite problem. You should contact Havard Pest Control as soon as possible if you notice any of these items.

Is There A Way To Prevent Termites For Good?

Though you can’t control when termites move into your yard and around your property, you can implement specific prevention and treatment tactics to deter infestations of this pest and ensure they don’t get the chance to damage your home. These tactics include:

  • Reduce soil to wood contact around your property to make it more difficult for termites to get inside your property.
  • Seal up gaps and cracks around your property’s windows, doors, and foundation that termites may use to get inside.
  • Address moisture or ventilation issues around your home, as these often damage wood and make it easier for termites to invade.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris such as tree stumps and fallen branches, which attract termites to your yard.
  • Finish any exposed wood and repair damaged wood on your property to deter termites from invading it.

However, the best prevention you can invest in for termites is an ongoing termite control relationship with Havard Pest Control; this allows treatments and prevention steps to be customized to your property’s needs, effectively protecting you from termites year-round.

Professional Termite Control In Mississippi

For professional pest control in Mississippi that you can count on, our experts at Havard Pest Control have you covered. Our technicians will inspect your property for termite issues and customize treatments to your property’s exact needs, utilizing either liquid treatments or bait treatments depending on the scale of your termite problem. Plus, our experts can give you termite prevention advice, ensuring your property always stays ahead of infestation issues and is safe from this damaging pest.

Contact Havard Pest Control today for more information.

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