It's Time To Start Thinking About Bed Bug Control In Louisiana

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Bed bug control is essential for protecting your home against this pest and the troubles that a bed bug infestation can cause. Our article aims to help you understand how to check for bed bugs and when to reach out to local pest control for bed bugs to keep your home safe.

Can One Single Bed Bug Cause An Entire Infestation?

A single bed bug can cause an entire infestation in your home, and this happens when the one-bed bug you see around your home is a single pregnant female bed bug. They will lay their eggs in your home, and suddenly you can be dealing with a widespread infestation within weeks. On the other hand, it is possible to pick up just one single bed bug that is a male and squish it, putting a stop to any problems, but it is tough to tell the difference between these two. 

If you see a single bed bug in your home, it is better to reach out to Louisiana pest control for more advice rather than taking your chances on a potential infestation.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

Once a bed bug infestation is well underway in your home, you will likely notice one or more following signs.

  • Reddish staining on sheets, mattresses, furniture, walls, or carpeting, left over from the bed bugs’ feeding.
  • There is a musty odor in your home, especially around sleeping quarters where more bed bugs often hide out.
  • Itchy red bumps that appear overnight on your exposed limbs. These typically have a zig-zag pattern to them.
  • Sightings of bed bugs around sleeping quarters, on furniture, or hiding out in walls gaps and the areas around electrical outlets.

These signs indicate that it's time to contact pest control to kill bed bugs hiding out in your home. The sooner you reach out to Havard Pest Control, the sooner you can eliminate this pest.

How Much Time Do I Have Before It Turns Into A Bed Bug Infestation?

In most cases of bed bug invasion, an infestation will often start without you knowing it. When you begin seeing adult bed bugs around your home, there are likely more adult bed bugs and their eggs hidden.

It takes approximately seven weeks for a bed bug to move through its life cycle from egg to adult. If you encounter one single female pregnant bed bug in your home, you have about seven weeks to deal with the issue and implement treatment tactics to stop an infestation from becoming out of control.

At Havard Pest Control, we can give you more advice on this process.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Bed Bug Infestation In My Home?

If you want to know how to permanently get rid of bed bugs in your home, your best option is to skip the DIY methods and contact Havard Pest Control at the first sign of a problem. Only our experts can identify the scale of your infestation and provide you with effective, tailored solutions that meet your home’s needs and effectively remove all traces of this pest.

So, for the best bed bug control techniques for your home, contact Havard Pest Control today.