Fall Wildlife Outlook For Birmingham Homeowners

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The fall season is the time of year when many animals begin to think about acquiring warm shelter near food sources. When we think about the different types of pests that most frequently enter our homes, we often think of small ones like ants, spiders, and cockroaches. However, there are much larger pests lurking around, ready to invade our homes and use them as a place to forage for food and shelter. Many wild animals find their way to our Birmingham, Alabama, properties in the fall and wreak havoc in and around our homes.

To help you keep wildlife at bay, Havard Pest Control has put together an informative guide for their effective pest control services in Birmingham. Read here for an overview of why wildlife intrusions often increase in the fall and what wild animals in Birmingham are most likely to find their way to your property.

Why Wildlife Activity Increases Around Homes In The Fall

Every fall, temperatures begin to drop throughout much of the country. In Birmingham, our cooler temperatures mean that wildlife’s natural instincts kick in, and they will start to prepare for the fall and winter seasons. They will scurry around, trying to gather the last of the available food and find a warm, safe place to overwinter. Unfortunately, when wild animals are living near our homes, our houses often become the place of respite they are looking for. Our home’s wall voids, crawl spaces, chimneys, basements, and attics provide a dry, warm space for wildlife to spend their fall and winter.

Wildlife Invaders: Common Intruders To Watch Out For This Fall

Several different types of wildlife have become well-known visitors to our Birmingham houses. Some common intruders include raccoons, skunks, bats, opossums, and squirrels. The reason we can’t let these animals believe that our properties are where they can become comfortable is that wild animals have the potential to be both destructive and a health risk.

As wild animals create entrances and exits, gather nesting materials, and forage for food, they cause damage. Using their teeth, claws, and pure determination, they will damage the structure of Birmingham homes, contaminate food, and destroy personal items like clothing, blankets, rugs, and furniture.

Wildlife living in your home also causes unpleasant odors, contaminates surfaces with urine and feces, and triggers allergies and asthma attacks. Additionally, hearing wildlife moving behind your home’s wall is unsettling and quickly causes people to become uncomfortable in their own houses.

How To Wildlife-Proof Your Birmingham Property

Here are our top tips to help keep wildlife from becoming at home on your Birmingham property:

  • Take the time to make repairs to your home. Wildlife often moves inside through torn screens, damaged chimney caps, gaps around windows and doors, and cracks in the foundation.
  • Make sure all trash bags are placed in outdoor containers with locking lids until trash pick-up day.
  • Remove bird and other wildlife feeders from near your home.
  • Ensure that outdoor cooking and eating areas are free of leftover food and food debris.
  • Remove clutter and yard waste from your yard that can offer harborage sites.
  • Cut back overgrown shrubbery, bushes, and tree branches from your home’s exterior.

Despite trying to make your property less attractive to local wildlife, if it is still being regularly visited by problematic wildlife, at Havard Pest Control!

Why DIY Wildlife Removal Is Never Recommended

When wildlife finds its way to your property and makes itself a nuisance or a danger, you may be tempted to try to handle the problem on your own.

However, there are many risks associated with DIY wildlife removal, including:

  • Coming into contact with the parasites, bacteria, and human pathogens that these animals spread.
  • Being bitten, scratched, or otherwise harmed by a wild animal scared or trying to defend itself.
  • Putting your family, yourself, and your pets in danger. If you don’t use traps and other DIY methods and treatments correctly, they pose serious consequences.

The best way to remove unwanted wildlife from your property is with the help of a local and experienced wildlife control expert. Professionals know the wildlife in the region, how best to remove them, and the best steps to take to prevent their return. To learn more about our wildlife control services in Birmingham and why Havard Pest Control is your best defense against wildlife, please reach out today.