Wildlife Control In AL, LA, & MS

Our Wildlife Control Process

Havard offers inspections to help you identify the type of animal that has infested your home as well as the extent of the problem, conducive conditions contributing to the problem, damages caused by pests, and how the wildlife enters your home. Upon completion of the inspection, Havard will develop a personalized plan of action and implement the best treatment option for your AL, LA, or MS home.

two live trapped raccoons in the yard of a montgomery alabama resident

Treatment Methods

Some actions used to resolve wildlife infestations in homes and businesses include the following:

  • Live Trapping - This involves the installation of one-way doors which let wildlife, like bats, get out but not back into the affected area. This is also effective for large animals such as raccoons and opossums which prefer to inhabit tight spaces such as attics. 

  • Glue Boards - This trapping method is very effective for the removal of hard to trap animals like snakes.

  • Bird Prevention Methods - Including the installation of bird netting, which prevents birds from entering specific areas, bird spikes and other bird deterrents to keep them from roosting on beams and rooftops.

  • Exclusion Services - This service includes minor fixes such as replacing window screens, tightening down loose boards and ventilation covers, etc. For more extensive work, we may recommend consultation with a dedicated contracting service, especially to repair major damage.

Havard provides wildlife services for pests such as nuisance birds, bats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, opossums, and snakes. 

Follow Up Appointments

As part of your treatment plan, Havard will return daily to monitor animal activity in the affected areas of your home, and empty and re-set traps to increase effectiveness. We adjust your treatment plan as needed for especially difficult pests. Havard will continue to return and monitor the situation until the problem has been completely resolved.

Sanitation Services

Here at Havard, we know the health risk and many diseases that can coincide with the presence of wildlife. That's why with Havard, you won't have to worry about handling the clean up after the pests are gone. We not only eliminate your wildlife problem, but we also offer sanitation services as well as the removal of contaminated insulation.


Wildlife Control Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for me to clean up droppings?


Animals such as squirrels, rodents, and other wildlife are all subject to various parasitic and bacterial infections that can be transferred to humans. Because of this, we do not recommend that you attempt to clean up waste on your own. Havard offers wildlife clean-up services that will take care of this task for you, limiting the risk of contamination to both your family and your home.

If I find a wild animal in my attic or crawlspace, what should I do?


If you believe that you have a raccoon, snake, feral cat, or skunk on your property, do not attempt to remove the animal yourself. All of these animals are capable of administering a strong bite that may require medical attention.

What health risks are associated with wildlife in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi?


One of the most serious health concerns associated with wild animals entering your home is the serious risk of contracting rabies from an infected animal. If you see a nocturnal animal such as a raccoon or skunk wandering in daylight, acting disoriented, disheveled, or otherwise strangely, do not attempt to corner or catch it. A wildlife control officer or other professional should be immediately contacted to remove the animal.

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