Keep Dangerous Wildlife Off Your Jackson Property

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Residents of Jackson, Mississippi are surrounded by natural wildlife. Jackson’s many forests and nature trails make this a beautiful city for Mississippi homeowners, but it also provides a convenient habitat for dangerous wildlife

Humans and wildlife have coexisted throughout the ages, and wildlife always seems to cause problems in our homes. Before wildlife spreads damage and disease in your Jackson property, you need to know the threats that are out there and how to prevent them. Let’s identify some common wildlife problems in Jackson households, followed by these seven tips to prevent pests from getting inside.

Common Wildlife In Jackson, Mississippi

Without precautions, any of the following wildlife could become a regular visitor to your Jackson property:

  • Pigeons: Pigeons have gray feathers, round bodies, and bluish-green heads and are common throughout the United States, especially in urban areas. 
  • Raccoons: Raccoons are nocturnal, medium-sized mammals that often invade trash cans and cause property damage. These pests are only a nighttime issue, but their problems will have to be cleaned up in the morning.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats are avid invaders of Jackson properties. Growing anywhere from 3 to 11 inches, these pests will frighten any unfortunate homeowner. 
  • Squirrels: Also a type of rodent, squirrels deserve their own honorable mention because they can cause substantial home damage.

All of these pests naturally belong in the wild, but as the weather cools down they will try to make their way inside to your warm, comfy home.  All of these pests can cause serious diseases: pigeons can spread bronchitis, raccoons can spread rabies, and rodents can spread hantavirus, leptospirosis, and the bubonic plague. Any infestation from wildlife should be handled immediately and you can find the experts nearby at Havard Pest Control.

Additionally, Jackson's wildlife will undoubtedly cause home damages. Whether it’s superficial damage from a pest digging in your trash, to more serious damage from a rat chewing through your insulation, no wildlife belongs in your house.

Seven Wildlife Prevention Tricks For Jackson Homeowners

Prevention is the key to keep your home safe because once pests get in, they can be hard to remove. Make sure you tick all of the following off of your pest prevention checklist:

  • Deep Cleaning: Jackson’s wildlife will likely nest in undisturbed spaces, so do a deep clean of the entire house, including sweeping beneath appliances, decluttering your closets, washing your attic and garage, etc. 
  • Comprehensive Yard Maintenance: Falling leaves create nesting opportunities for pests, so be sure to cut your grass and remove any leaf piles.
  • Remove Standing Water: Puddles and stale gutter water will attract all sorts of wildlife since standing water is a reliable source of hydration.
  • Secure Trash Storage: Keep all your trash bins tightly shut and indoors, otherwise foraging wildlife such as rodents and raccoons will burrow inside. 
  • Tight Food Storage: Keep your pantry securely closed, and make sure you don’t leave food sitting out uncovered.
  • Moisture Control: The kitchen and the bathroom have a lot of moisture that can attract wildlife, so make sure these areas of the house are well ventilated. 
  • Seal your doors and windows: Cracks in your masonry are common ways for wildlife to get inside, so do a thorough examination of your walls, doors, and window frames to make sure your caulking and sealant are tight and secure. 

Last and most importantly, contact the pest control professionals at Havard Pest Control. We have tons of experience handling all of Jackson’s wildlife, and if any of these pests move into your home, we’re ready to take care of you. Reach out today, and see what Havard Pest Control can do for your Jackson property.