The Key To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Jacksonville Yard

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a mosquito biting a human finger

Mosquitoes got you down this season? No worries! Effective mosquito control for Jacksonville homeowners is just one phone call away. Havard Pest Control is happy to help you protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites this summer. We can’t make ALL mosquitoes disappear, but we can lower the number of mosquitoes in your yard and make environmental changes that will give you results for years to come. Ready to get started on keeping away mosquitoes? Let’s go!

A Quick Guide To Mosquitoes

If you live in Jacksonville, you’re probably familiar with mosquitoes. These small flying insects drink blood from mammals—like you. The result is itchy red bites that can last for days. Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? All mosquitoes eat nectar and plant juices. However, in order to reproduce, females need nutrients found in blood. They get these nutrients by biting you.
Female mosquitoes also need standing water in order to successfully reproduce. This is where they lay their eggs. Finally, adult mosquitoes look for thick foliage to hide in and mate. Therefore, the three things mosquitoes need to successfully mate are: dense plants, standing water, and humans or animals to bite.

Mosquito Dangers

So, what’s the big deal with mosquito bites? First, mosquito bites are frustrating! They itch a lot for a long time. You can get mosquito bites anywhere you have exposed skin. Plus, mosquitoes usually come in large numbers, so you’ll end up with several bites.
While for most people a mosquito bite is just a red, itchy bump, it can be much worse for people who are allergic. An allergic reaction to a mosquito bite could result in large swollen areas of skin (or even entire limbs), and rashes, infection, and even anaphylaxis.
Mosquitoes are also dangerous because of the diseases they carry. Because mosquitoes eat blood from many people, they are prime candidates for spreading disease. In fact, they are considered the deadliest pests in the world. Among other diseases, mosquitoes have been linked to the spread of malaria, yellow fever, and Zika.

How To Avoid Attracting Mosquitoes

No one is trying to attract mosquitoes to their yard. However, some people practically invite mosquitoes without realizing it. Here are some ways you might accidentally attract mosquitoes, along with prevention tips.

  • You leave standing water in your yard. Any standing water can attract mosquitoes. A birdbath, a puddle, plant drainage in a saucer, a blocked drainage pipe, a toy bucket, the bottom of a rarely-used slide. When it comes to mosquito prevention, it’s essential to remove all water from your yard and to frequently clean large bodies of water like pools or ponds.
  • You offer plenty of nesting sites. Mosquitoes need thick grass, leaves, and other plants to nest in. If you let landscaping slide this summer, you could be providing prime hiding places for mosquitoes. Keep your yard trimmed and cut back to avoid a mosquito party in your yard.
  • You let mosquitoes into your home. If your screen doors have tears, your windows are missing screens, or you have large cracks in the exterior of your home, this will be an open invitation for mosquitoes to come inside.
  • If mosquitoes get into your house, they’ll bite you and your family and find plenty of blood in order to reproduce and appear in even greater numbers. Make sure you aren’t offering any entry points!

When To Involve The Professionals

While we’re sure you’ve heard of products like citronella candles and bug spray, we’d advise against using many over-the-counter products. At best, these products keep mosquitoes away from one small area. At worst, many anti-mosquito products are made with harsh chemicals that can actually be dangerous. Too many chemicals, especially sprays, can make you and your family sick—and will have a limited effect on mosquitoes.
We suggest giving us a call. Havard Pest Control knows how to safely target mosquitoes. We don’t just kill the mosquitoes that are already in your house or swarming your yard. We help you make the necessary habitat changes to make your yard less appealing to mosquitoes for years to come. If you have a mosquito problem already, or if you just want reliable prevention, call Havard Pest Control and find out how we can help you.