Mobile's Complete Guide To Effective Wasp Control

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a paper wasp building a nest

Summer heat means more wasps. It isn’t a pleasant thought, but unfortunately, it is true. During the summer months, wasps are active in full force. New babies are being born, new colonies started, and there are new mouths to feed. This means that wasps will be present in backyards around the country during the warm-weather months. And Mobile is no exception. The good news is, homeowners in Mobile can reach out to Havard Pest Control for help with wasp control and prevention. We’ve got you covered! We can keep your family as safe from stings as possible this summer.

Wasps In Mobile

There are several different species of wasps around the world. In Mobile, some of the most common wasps are bald-faced hornets, mud daubers, paper wasps, and yellow jackets. Even within these, there are different species. Here’s some general information about these wasps.

  • Bald-face hornets are usually black with white markings on their faces and bodies. Like most wasps, they can be quite aggressive.
  • Mud daubers are the least aggressive. They live alone and build small nests out of mud. They can be blue or black and may have yellow markings.
  • Paper wasps are slender wasps, usually brown with yellow stripes. They can be easily identified based on their paper-like nests which can be found in trees, bushes, and on the exterior of buildings.
  • Yellowjackets are wasps known for their aggression. They may build nests along the exterior of a home, or in a playset, in bushes, or even underground. They are black and yellow.

Wasps In Your Yard

When wasps appear in your yard, it can mean two things. One: there is already a wasp nest nearby. Two: the wasps are considering building a new nest in or near your yard. If you find a wasp nest, we suggest giving us a call. Havard Pest Control has the tools and protective equipment needed to safely remove a nest. If you attempt this yourself, you’ll likely end up with a colony of angry wasps stinging you repeatedly. If you don’t see a nest, there are some important steps to take to prevent wasps from settling down in your yard.

  • Limit their access to food. Wasps like to eat protein and sugars.
  • Make sure the garbage is sealed and the area around the trashcan is clean.
  • Never leave food or drink sitting out.
  • Plant flowers far from your home or your children’s play areas.
  • Clean spills of food or drink, especially sweet drinks like soda, juice, and alcohol.
  • Limit harborage points where they might build a nest.
  • Trim the grass and cut back foliage on your property.
  • Clear your yard of debris such as sticks, woodpiles, and stumps.
  • Frequently clean and check the eaves of your home for signs of nest building.
  • Close off structures like sheds and garages so wasps can’t get in and build nests there.

Wasp Protection And Removal

If you need help preventing wasps, give Havard Pest Control a call. Wasp stings are incredibly painful and can be dangerous if you’re allergic or if you are stung multiple times. We’ve been removing wasps nests from properties like yours for years. We know how important your safety is and we want to make sure that you enjoy summer without the fear of wasp stings. Give us a call today; let us help you get rid of wasps.