What Every Mississippi Property Owner Ought To Know About Oriental Cockroaches

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You might call them "water bugs," and others might refer to them as "black beetles." No matter what name they go by, these creatures are some of the most dangerous pests in Mississippi!

Oriental cockroaches are water-loving pests that hail from the Eastern side of the globe. These pests range from 3/4 of an inch to just over an inch long, are brownish in color, and are entirely flightless (although they possess a pair of wings). They are best identified as intruders in the home due to their foul odor, which increases in intensity as their numbers swell.

Like other cockroaches, the Oriental cockroach is capable of transmitting dangerous pathogens, triggering asthma and allergies, and contaminating food sources all over the home. Their tough and resilient bodies are immune to all sorts of DIY remedies, making professional treatments for infestations an absolute must.

Factors That Attract Cockroaches (And How To Mitigate Them)

There are many factors that attract Oriental cockroaches to a home, many of which cannot be controlled by home or business owners. The most potent of these attractants include:

  • High moisture levels 
  • Food availability and access 
  • Dirty floors or counter spaces 
  • Exposed entry points leading inside or out

Thankfully, there are some steps homeowners can take right now to reduce or mitigate these factors from attracting Oriental cockroach colonies:

  • Run a dehumidifier in areas of the home that acquire more moisture than others. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are excellent examples of these. Desiccant bags or other types of stagnant moisture removers are recommended for closets and pantries. 
  • Do not allow food to sit outside of storage for long periods of time. Use airtight bins, sealed bags, and jars to keep food fresh and safe.  
  • Wash dishes often, and be sure to thoroughly dry and put them away after use. 
  • Sweep, mop, vacuum, and otherwise care for your floors at least once a week. 
  • Seal any entry points leading from the outside of the home indoors. Waterproof caulking is an excellent medium for this task.

Concerned that Oriental cockroaches may already be festering inside your Mississippi home? It may be time to consider subscribing to a residential pest control plan through Havard Pest Control right away.

Reduce Your Local Cockroach Community With Havard Pest Control

Cockroaches almost never appear alone, and spotting a single roach in your bathroom or kitchen is a sure sign of a nearby colony. Some homeowners choose to wait and see if their roach infestation will abate itself over time, and choose to "let nature take its course." However, this scenario rarely ends well for the property owners in question.

For protection that stays with you long after pests are spotted, contact Havard Pest Control at the first sign of Oriental cockroaches. For more than 70 years, our company has been founded on the principles of hard work, care, and excellence in all things. We provide a variety of pest control plans to homeowners all over Mississippi, presenting every customer with the options they need to keep their homes and businesses safe. Havard Pest Control takes a three-step approach in all our Oriental cockroach treatments, beginning with inspection, continuing into treatments, then completing our visit with prevention steps designed to protect you and your family from future infestation.

Avoid cockroach damage and ensure the safety of your property by relying on the trusted professionals at Havard Pest Control immediately. Our qualified team is ready and waiting to spring into action at your next visit, phone call, or online contact form. Don’t allow Oriental cockroaches to muck up your peaceful property. Get safety and security through Havard Pest Control today!