Here's Why You Should Call The Professionals About Termites On Your Alabama Property

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a subterranean termite

What's 3/8 of an inch long, deathly pale, and costs homeowners an estimated five billion dollars a year in household damages?

If you answered "termites," you’d be correct! These terrible termites are some of the most hated creatures in Alabama and for good reason. Their wood-eating behaviors and long life spans enable them to cause extensive damage throughout your home, apartment, or commercial business.

When faced with a termite infestation, many homeowners attempt to handle their pest problems on their own. They employ many different DIY home pest control methods in the process, many of them proving to be useless against established colonies. Several of those include:

  • Orange oil 
  • Vinegar 
  • Over the counter sprays

The sad truth is, termites are unable to be abated through non-professional means. If an infestation is allowed to build within a property, it will be necessary for professional exterminators to be called in immediately.

Tried & True Alabama Termite Prevention Tips

Pest control has never been simple, but when it comes to termite activity, prevention is certainly no easy prospect. Homeowners will need to act quickly, competently, and aggressively in order to prevent these wood-eating pests from encroaching on their homes and businesses.

Below are some of the most tried-and-true prevention tips against Alabama termite populations:

  • Limit the soil to wood contact around the building. This includes mulching placed around the sides and corners of the home. Replace any wood chips or other landscaping woods with peat stone or river rock. 
  • Store all firewood a good distance from the home, taking care to stack rather than pile the pieces. A distance of 25 feet is usually suggested. 
  • Repair and replace any moisture-damaged wood around the home. Professional inspectors may help to find some of these pieces, especially in commercial settings. If possible, consider having your household woods pre-treated against rot and termite damage before installation. 
  • Have professionals monitor the termite activity around your property on a year-round basis.

Not sure where to start with your year-round termite prevention efforts? Get a home or business termite inspection through the professional team at Havard Pest Control right away. 

Lock And Load Against Termites With Havard Pest Control

Colloquially speaking, termites "ain’t the sharpest tools in the shed," but they are capable of spreading disaster, disruption, and chaos all throughout your Alabama property. If the above tried-and-true prevention tips are implemented too late, they will no longer prove effective against termites in the home.

The only way to truly get rid of an active termite infestation is with professional assistance. That’s why so many homeowners in Alabama trust the professionals at Havard Pest Control for all their termite needs. As a family-owned and -operated business since 1947, our team knows pest control inside and out! We offer home and business owners a variety of helpful care plans that maximize protection and safety all at once. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee makes us one of the best-loved pest control companies in Alabama, and one of the most hated enemies of termites everywhere.

To watch our team jump into action against your termite infestation, reach out to the professionals at Havard Pest Control right away. Our team is available to address your unique circumstances both online and through a timely phone call during our office hours. It may not be easy dealing with termites, but it will be much easier when you fight them with a team. Get termite help fast with the folks at Havard Pest Control today!