Jacksonville's Handy Guide To Effective Bed Bug Control

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a bed bug on a blanket

You may not see them as clearly as other pests, but these insects are still able to pack a punch - literally and figuratively!

Bed bugs don’t have hands, fists, or any punches for that matter, but the bites they leave on our skin certainly feel like they do. These flat, oval-shaped pests are often dark brown in color and are often identifiable by their tiny body frames of ¼ inch or smaller.

Bed bugs get from place to place by ‘hitchhiking’ on nearby humans, waiting until nightfall to take a blood meal from their victims. While bed bugs are a threat in nearly every location, there are some locations in particular that are considered to be “bed bug hotspots.” These areas include:

  • Hospitality establishments, including hotels and cruise ships
  • Medical facilities such as hospitals and hospice care homes
  • Transportation hubs (buses, trains, and airplanes)
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

Unless they want to raise some fat and happy bugs, homeowners would do well to observe proper bed bug mitigation techniques all year long.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While In Hotspot Areas

Now that you know where the bed bug hotspots are in your area, you might like to know some helpful safety precautions you can take while spending time there. Bear in mind that none of these techniques offer 100% protection against hitchhiking bed bug activity:

  • Wash all clothing on the hottest setting after lodging in an area away from home. 
  • Store luggage, bags, and backpacks up off the floor and on a wire rack when not in use. 
  • Practice good hygiene and inspect for bed bug bites after visiting properties or locations.

The purchase of secondhand appliances and furniture is another common method of acquiring bed bugs. In order to avoid their spread, homeowners should visually inspect the item for signs of bed bug activity before taking them indoors. These warning signs often include blood spots, excrement stains, or even live bed bugs scuttling from place to place. Inspect for live bugs by scraping a hard edge such as a credit card against the sides and corners of the secondhand item. If you notice tiny bugs running for cover, do not purchase the item.

If possible, avoid purchasing second-hand furniture items such as beds, mattresses, and box springs. These items often house sneaky bed bugs and cause ‘flare-ups’ in once pest-free homes.

Bed bug activity can be difficult to spot with the naked eye, especially for the uninitiated. For a K-9 inspection that catches bugs fast, reach out to the professional team at Havard Pest Control right away.

Get 100% Bed Bug Protection Through Havard Pest Control

Although they may seem pest-proof, personal DIY methods and other home remedies are never 100% effective against bed bug populations. Homeowners may be able to protect their properties, mitigate their weaknesses, and reinforce their good habits, but they will never be able to remove established bed bug infestations from the home on their own. These hitchhiking insects are difficult to get rid of and are far too great an issue to be handled alone.

That’s where Havard Pest Control comes in. Serving Jacksonville and the surrounding area for over 70 years, our team of vetted professionals are fully capable of caring for your household bed bug infestation. We are available to service your property 24/7, giving our best in every location. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and cutting-edge pest inspection and elimination methods, Havard Pest Control is ready to answer your call anytime, anywhere.

Get your residential or commercial bed bug plan now by contacting Havard Pest Control at your earliest convenience. Service agents are available online, in person, or over the phone to address your needs one by one. Don’t leave the safety of your home and family up to pure chance and happenstance. Reach out to the Jacksonville team at Havard Pest Control now!