Why You Should Call The Professionals When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Jackson Home

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a bed bug on a blanket

Bed bugs are one of the most notorious pests for being hard to eliminate. This reputation is earned given that bed bugs are skilled at hiding in small places such as outlets and wall crevices, and they can easily spread from apartment to apartment or room to room.

Bed bugs are a small pest, and they are often best identified by the appearance of small reddish-brown dots on your bed or small brown or red stains on sheets and other fabric items. However, if you know what to look for you can see the bugs themselves, so it’s useful to know what bed bugs look like.

Here is a brief guide to the common bed bug:

  • They are reddish-brown.
  • They have oval-shaped bodies.
  • They are only about the size of an apple seed.
  • They are flat and have a beetle-like appearance.

When most people suspect they have bed bugs, the first thing they want to do is get rid of them. This is no surprise as bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that tend to bite people while they’re sleeping.

In some cases, Jackson property owners try to get rid of bed bugs on their own. They often do so because they think it will save them money. While it might seem like do-it-yourself bed bug control is cheaper, this is rarely the case.

Why Don’t DIY Methods Work?

There are many different DIY methods that homeowners turn to in an attempt to remove bed bugs. Some of the most common include buying pesticides or traps, creating kill chambers at home, or trying to treat individual items.

While the cost of each method can vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the home, these costs tend to add up more than you’d think. Using pesticides can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars as you have to keep buying more, and the same goes for other methods.

The reason why most at-home methods of bed bug control aren't cost-effective is that they just don’t really work. Bed bugs are a hard pest to remove because they can hide in so many minuscule cracks and crevices. Reaching every single bed bug is nearly impossible on your own. So, you’ll waste time and money as you keep applying treatments. Not to mention the stress and aggravation that comes along with the process.

Why Are Professional Services More Affordable?

At Havard Pest Control, we provide affordable bed bug control programs in Jackson that work. The reason why seeking help from professional pest control experts is more cost-effective is that these treatments will eliminate every bed bug in every life stage so they don't return. Our bed bug control process is a three-step system that ensures you won’t keep spending time and money removing these pesky bugs.

First, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the bundling including each room and around beds, dressers, curtains, etc. If signs of bed bugs are detected, our technicians will talk to you about treatment options and give you a preparation sheet to ensure the most effective treatment.

Next, we will use both new and traditional bed bug treatments that target each room in your home including cracks, crevices, and even outliers and electrical sockets. After this, we will set up bed bug monitors to keep an eye on any further activity.

Last, if necessary, we will schedule a follow-up appointment. We will also always set up an inspection two weeks after the initial treatment.

Get The Best In Bed Bug Control

At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, the best way to remove them and keep them from coming back is to reach out to the experts at Havard Pest Control. With over 70 years of pest control experience in Jackson, MS, we can both prevent and remove these blood-sucking pests. Our services will eliminate every bed bug to keep them from coming back.