One House Mouse In Your Mississippi Home Usually Means More

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mouse in a kitchen pantry

Winter is almost here and mice across Mississippi are anxiously house hunting. Without a warm place to call home for the winter months, house mice face the threat of bitter cold and potentially death. This pushes them in mass numbers to seek shelter in homes. If your home has what they need, you may find yourself with a few unwanted guests come winter, and potentially many more by the time winter comes to an end with how fast they are able to reproduce.

How Bad Are House Mice?

As tiny and cute as house mice are, the problems they cause can be quite big. Any creature that can easily squeeze through tiny cracks, move through wall voids, and has the tendency to chew on anything in their path is a threat that can’t be ignored. Especially when one of the things they can and do chew on are electrical wires. This puts your home at risk of a potential electrical fire.

On top of this, house mice are known carriers of a variety of dangerous diseases that they spread through their fecal matter and urine. The longer these mice are allowed to remain in your home, the higher the risk of sickness becomes.

How To Protect Your Mississippi Home Against House Mice

If your home is currently mouse-free, we have some things you can do to keep it that way. Consider these following tips to keep your Mississippi home mouse-free through the coming winter months.

  • Use steel wool and a caulking gun to seal small gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Have larger structural damage house mice could use to get inside repaired.
  • Pick up food and drink bowls after your pets are done with them.
  • Store leftover foods inside plastic containers.
  • Pour out cardboard boxed foods such as cereal into larger plastic containers.
  • Clean regularly making sure no food scraps are left out for mice to find.
    Make sure all of your trash cans have tight-fitting lids and are rodent proof.

What To Do If House Mice Invade

If as you are reading this you already suspect your home has a house mouse problem, you have a couple of options. Do you suspect the infestation is small, possible only a mouse or two? If so, some carefully placed traps baited with peanut butter might solve your problem. Does it seem like there are much more than just a couple of mice? If so, traps are not enough. For more serious rodent infestations, reach out to the professionals here at Havard Pest Control. Our rodent prevention and elimination plans are built to handle rodent infestations of all sizes. We would be happy to share our success with you today!