Why You Should Call A Professional If Ants Invade Your Property

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ants on a wall

How much of a nuisance are ants in and around your home during the summer months? Do you find them trailing in and out through your walls,  scavenging your leftover baked goods? How about outside, do you find it difficult to host outdoor gatherings in the fear that ants will join in and ruin the party? Whatever it is that ants are ruining for you, we want you to know that here at Havard Pest Control, we have the solutions your home and yard need to stay ant-free this summer.

Why Ants Are Invading and Becoming a Huge Nuisance This Time Of Year

If you did not know, ants are warm-weather pests. This means that as summer is starting, ants will be becoming more productive, greater in numbers, and overall more of a pest. This makes now the best time to get your home and yard the defenses against ants that they need. Just think how much better your summer would be, ant-free.

Why DIY Is So Difficult With Ants

It can be easy to assume that because ants are such small creatures, they would be simple to treat for. In reality, it is their small size that makes them the formidable pest that they are. One of the biggest DIY tips when it comes to ant exclusion is sealing up your home so they cannot find a crack or a hole to slip through. This seems like a good plan, but keeping in mind their small size, this method is often not very effective.

Another common DIY ant exclusion tip has to do with cleaning and storing foods away where ants cannot gain access to them. But this also comes with its fair set of challenges. One good thing to note in this circumstance is that ants only need a pile of crumbs to find your home attractive, and many times they can find this underneath appliances where people do not often clean.

The Easy Way To Deal With Ants

If you are looking for a simpler way to deal with ants, one that requires much less effort on your part, we have a solution for you here at Havard Pest Control. With our ant exclusion treatments, you will not have to worry about tiny cracks in your home or crumbs under your stove--because ants won’t get past your foundation. As for your yard, we can treat ant hills, greatly reducing the number of ants on your property so that you can host outdoor gatherings in peace. If this sounds like an amenity you want for your home, today and let us find a pest protection plan that best suits your needs.