How To Prevent Bed Bugs In the Southeast This Summer

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Life is all about knowing and not knowing. For instance, if you know how often to change the oil in your car, you are much less likely to unintentionally damage it. In the same way, if a toddler doesn’t know to blow on hot soup before taking their first bite, they could end up with an unpleasant surprise. In this article, we will be talking about knowing about bed bugs, not knowing about bed bugs, and the effect each could have on you and your home.

Not Knowing About Bed Bugs

If you do not know about bed bugs, some of these following situations may happen or have happened to you.

  • When coming home from vacation, you stay at a hotel for a night. About a month after getting home, you start noticing tiny red welts showing up on your skin. Upon further inspection, you find tiny bugs in and around your bed.
  • On a shopping trip, you find a used couch that only has one issue (a few red spots on it). You think nothing of this and bring it home. A few weeks later you start having trouble sleeping and start to wonder why.
  • After your daily workout at the gym, you do what you always do and take a shower in one of their private shower areas before changing and coming home. A few weeks later, you guessed it, your home has bed bugs.

Knowing About Bed Bugs

If you are wondering how bed bugs managed to invade in each of these situations, let us further explain.

  • When coming home from vacation, you stop at a hotel for a good night's sleep. However, before you settle in, you check around your sleeping area for tiny bed bugs or the signs they leave behind. Finding signs of bed bugs, you decide to change rooms to one that is not adjacent and does not have bed bugs.
  • On your shopping trip, you find a beautiful used couch with a couple of red spots on it. Suspecting that these red spots are a sign of bed bugs, you examine the couch further and find black spots (bed bug feces) in the cracks. Examining even further, you find live bed bugs and decide to find another coach at a different store.
  • After your daily workout, you go to take your shower. Knowing that bed bugs are attracted to hot, sweat covered clothing, you place your workout clothes in a sealed ziplock bag. In turn, you stop the bed bugs in the bag next to yours from sneaking over and hitching a ride home with you.

In conclusion, the more you know about bed bugs and where they like to hide, the more likely you can avoid bringing them home with you.

Why Call Havard If Bed Bugs Invade

Even with a fair amount of knowledge about bed bugs, it can be easy to miss one or two when out and about. What can you do if bed bugs get past your defenses? You can call Havard Pest Control, and let us get your home back to being bed bug-free.