How Homeowners In The Southeast Can Tell If They're At Risk For Termite Infestation

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a large colony of swarming termites burrowing through a wooden structure on a birmingham alabama property

Your home is an important source of safety and comfort. Taking care of your family means taking care of your house. Termites are a pest that can destroy your house before you notice their presence. If you don’t catch them soon enough the damage can be irreversible, and it often isn’t covered by homeowners insurance. But there are some warning signs that can alert you to an infestation so you can intervene before it’s too late.

Termites in the Southeast

July is a time of high activity for termites. Termites love moisture and heat. In the southeast, summer includes both. The humidity of southeastern states makes an ideal climate for termites. Your home could be attracting termites if you have any areas with a lot of moisture. Here are some factors that may be attracting termites to your home.

Damp Wood

Termites eat wood, and they are attracted to wet and soft wood that’s easier to eat. Often plumbing issues will cause water damage in the wooden structures of a home. The wet wood will attract termites which will worsen the damage.

Moist Soil

It’s important to avoid wet soil near the exterior of your house. Termites nest underground in damp dirt and travel to and from their nest and the wood of a house. You can avoid encouraging this by keeping the dirt right by your house dry or creating barriers between the soil and the exterior of your home.

Yard Debris

Another step you can take to help prevent a termite infestation is to keep your yard clean. If you have rotting wood, old wood piles, stacks of cardboard, or other debris in your yard, termites might make their nest nearby. If there are termites in your yard, they will be more likely to enter your home.

How to Know if You Have Termites

Even if you follow all these steps, there’s no guarantee that you can prevent termites in your home. They cause damage to the interior of your house, so you may not notice them right away. Some signs of a termite infestation include buckling walls and floors. You may notice drooping ceilings, and doors and windows may get stuck easily. You may also see discarded wings near your windows, a sign that termite swarmers were active in or near your home.

Why Call Pest Control

When termites enter your home, they can cause severe damage. The best way to get rid of termites is to get professional help. They can be incredibly hard to get rid of without the expertise of pest control professionals. Havard Pest Control can help you get rid of termites through baiting systems and other treatments. We will assess your situation and help you find a solution that fits your unique needs so you can rest assured that termites will no longer cause damage to the wooden structures of your home.