5 Tips For Parents In Hattiesburg To Avoid Back-to-School Bed Bugs

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We love our kids, but sometimes they bring things home with them they probably should have left behind. Sometimes this can be fixed with a single discussion about how “if it smells like it belongs in a trashcan, don’t put it in your school bag.” Other times, them bringing unwanted things home may be a little out of their control. Today we will be talking about one of those things. To be more specific, today, we will be talking about bed bugs.

Why Bed Bug Season Unfortunately Coincides With The Beginning Of School

Summertime is prime time for bed bug infestations—mainly because bed bugs require our help to move from place to place. Summer is when we travel about the most, especially with vacation plans, beach trips, and visiting relatives.
As summer reaches its end and school is back in session, more homes than ever will be dealing with bed bug infestations, and more students will run the risk of bringing infested items with them to school—giving bed bugs a chance to spread.

Our Tips To Keep Your Kids From Picking Up Bed Bugs and Other Mistakes To Avoid

If you have made it through the summer without bed bugs, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones. Other families were not so fortunate. However, this does not mean you are out of the woods. To make sure you stay safe this school year, consider these five tips to keep your home bed bug free.

  • Check your kid's bags when they get home from school for any tiny bed bugs looking for a new home.
  • If your kids have gym during the day and change afterward, send a sealable plastic bag with them to store their gym clothes in after they change.
  • Teach your kids about bed bugs and the signs they leave behind so they can be on the lookout for them.
  • Inform other parents about bed bugs so that if their home has an infestation, they can get the treatment it needs.
  • If your child goes on an overnight school field trip and comes back with dirty clothing, wash immediately in hot water to kill any potential clinging bed bugs.

Why Call Havard If Bed Bugs Start Biting

Despite your efforts to keep bed bugs away, there is still the risk that your home could become infested. The professionals at Havard Pest Control are here to help rid your home of these pests.
To learn more about how we treat for bed bugs, or to discuss pest control options with one of our service representatives, give us a call today!