Where Termite Damage Occurs Inside Your Birmingham Home

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termites under a house

Tunneling is never a safe act. There is a reason why coal mining was one of the most dangerous jobs back when cowboys road across the US. All it takes is one mistake for a cave in to occur. Of course, in our modern day and age, digging tunnels is much safer as technology has designed ways to stabilize them. Unfortunately, termite tunnels are not secure. Where they chew tunnels, damage follows.

Why Identifying an Infestation Early Is a Necessity

We can all agree that fixing most problems sooner rather than later is wise—and this goes for a termite infestation. A few termites eating away at your home is not a significant issue, but as they grow in numbers, the damage they cause grows with them. Before long a few tunnels may turn into dipping floorboards, sagging wallpaper, and structural damages that are beyond repair.

Where Termite Damage Most Often Occurs and What It Looks Like

Before we talk about where termite damages occur, let’s first talk about what type of wood termites infest, or rather, the condition of wood that termites prefer.
Here in Birmingham, the subterranean termite is the most common wood destroying threat to our homes. They only invade water damaged wood, making the places they are likely to infest rather easy to find. Look for the wood in your home that is being affected by a leak, or another source of water build up.
Identifying early termite damage in a home can be tricky without the proper tools—mainly because they dig deep into the wooden structures, and stay hidden as much as possible. Only after they have been active for months do major damages begin to show up.

Why Call Havard To Find Out If Your Homes Has Termites

If you suspect your home may be at risk of, or already have a termite infestation, give the pros at Havard Pest Control a call today. We will send one of our highly trained pest technicians your way ASAP with the tools and experience needed to check for termites. We will then discuss with you available treatment options to ensure your home stays termite-free. Whatever your pest needs are, we are ready to help find a solution.