Cockroaches In Birmingham: A Serious Concern For Homeowners

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Most people want to know the weather forecast before starting the day. Whatever our weather app tells us influences how we dress and whether or not we take an umbrella. If the prediction includes a severe storm or a tornado threat, that is cause for concern. In those cases, we check our app or turn on the news when the skies appear ominous because of growing anxiety. 

The threat of a severe storm, a plunging stock market, or a medical diagnosis is concerning. These things create anxiety because they can cause potential physical destruction, disruption, or financial hardship. When it comes to pests, a cockroach infestation can cause similar issues. 

When something creates anxiety, our first reaction is to seek help from the experts, and there is no better company for cockroach control in Birmingham than Havard Pest Control. Our family-owned and operated company began in 1947, and since then, we have grown to over 100 trained and certified employees that serve customers in Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. As one of the few QualityPro Certified pest control companies in the United States, you can trust us to provide expert advice and quality customer care and to meet and exceed all state and federal requirements. 

We understand that walking into the bathroom, turning on the lights, and seeing cockroaches run for cover is upsetting and a cause for concern. You probably found this article because you've had cockroaches scurrying from behind the couch and want to know how to stop the problem. Please keep reading this blog because we will give you information and tips to put your mind at ease. 

What Types Of Roaches Live In Birmingham?

Uncertainty causes concern. When you look at the darkening sky, there is uncertainty about the severity of the incoming weather, so you check your phone app to find answers regarding the threat and timing of the impending storm. Because information helps alleviate concern, the following list of the types of cockroaches in the Birmingham area and the subsequent explanation will help put your mind at ease. The main cockroach species that invade Birmingham homes are:

  • American cockroaches
  • German cockroaches
  • Smoky brown cockroaches
  • Oriental cockroaches

Let's briefly examine each species so we will know how to combat it.

American cockroaches have a massive 1 1/4 to 2 1/8-inch oval-shaped reddish-brown body. In addition to their size, the figure-eight pattern on the back of their head and the extra-long thin antennae help identify these nocturnal insects. When American cockroaches invade a house, they live in moist and warm areas of the home. 

Although all cockroach species have multiple eggs in their egg capsules (ootheca), none have more than the German cockroaches. The quick-breeding, prolific cockroaches are the number one invader in most Birmingham homes. These 1/2 to 5/8-inches light brown to tan oval-shaped bugs have two dark stripes running parallel on their backsides. German cockroaches enter houses not from the outside lawn (like the other cockroach species on our lists) but invade by hitchhiking on handbags and clothing. Once inside a home, they gravitate towards the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Smokybrown cockroaches are a close second behind the American cockroaches in body size. These creatures have a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch dark brown to black body. Two distinguishing features are their long antennae and wings that extend past their body. While American cockroaches can fly short distances but prefer to run, and German cockroaches rarely fly, smokybrown cockroaches are strong fliers. Smokybrown cockroaches prefer high humidity in the attic or near fireplaces when infiltrating a house.

Oriental cockroaches are the outliers of the group due to their skinny black or dark reddish-brown bodies and their preference for slightly cooler areas (e.g., crawl spaces and basements). Also known as "water bugs, " these 1-inch insects cannot fly

Seeing any cockroach species in your house is cause for concern, but don't worry because Havard Pest Control is the best cockroach exterminator in Birmingham. We can eliminate all types of cockroach infestations from Birmingham area homes.

How Roaches Get Into Birmingham Homes And Problems They Cause

When cockroaches invade our homes, it is natural to want to know how it happened. How do you go from enjoying a life free from concern about cockroaches to having nearly traumatic late-night experiences where you turn on the light and see dozens of filthy creatures running across the floor? 

Of the four cockroaches on our list, three invade from the outside. American cockroaches live outside in sewers, drains, flowerbeds, or underneath mulch piles. Although they are content to live in moist, warm areas outside the house, they will enter homes when drastic weather changes cause a lack of food supply in the yard. American cockroaches enter homes by squeezing underneath exterior doors without door sweeps or gaps around basement windows. Once they enter a house, American cockroaches prefer warm, moist areas with temperatures between 70℉ and 80℉, usually in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.

Oriental cockroaches live outside underneath leaf piles, debris, stones, and firewood; however, when temperatures rise in the summer, they will attempt to enter homes. Oriental cockroaches scurry underneath exterior doors, invade by following utility pipes into the house, and penetrate homes through gaps around drains. Once inside a house, oriental cockroaches gravitate to crawl spaces, basements, and other colder locations. 

Smoky brown cockroaches live in leaf litter, around flowers, shrubs, and trees. Adverse weather conditions drive them into homes where they enter through foundation cracks and gaps between the siding and foundation. Of the four cockroach species on our list, smoky brown cockroaches are the only ones who fly (or at least fly long distances). Thus, they enter homes through open windows or holes in window and door screens.

The most prevalent cockroach in Birmingham homes, the German cockroach, does not enter from the outside. These insects hitchhike in cardboard boxes, grocery bags, second-hand appliances, etc. Once inside the house, they gravitate to the kitchen but will live anywhere there is a food or water source. Because of their diminutive size, German cockroaches need only a 3/8 inch gap to squeeze into a wall void to build their massive colonies.

When a Havard Pest Control technician inspects your Birmingham house for signs of a cockroach infestation, they will identify how the cockroaches enter your home. We will provide you with several tips to stop the bugs from entering your house in the future. 

Why DIY Treatments Are Never Recommended For Roach Infestations

When something that concerns us occurs, we not only want to know how it happened, but we also want to fix the problem. When cockroaches run across the floor and scurry beneath the cabinets or down the shower drain, it is natural to drive to the store and purchase a product hoping it will fix the problem. 

While you may get immediate satisfaction as you watch a cockroach writhe in a pool of a DIY product, it will not solve your situation and can be dangerous for these reasons:

  • DIY products do not get to the source of the problem
  • DIY foggers leave pesticide residues on surfaces
  • DIY products can be dangerous

Cockroaches lay egg capsules in secluded, dark areas underneath ledges and furniture, and although a DIY product may kill cockroaches upon contact, it does not destroy the egg capsules (ootheca). Inside each egg ootheca are a dozen or more eggs, and a new generation of cockroaches will soon emerge if these remain. Most do-it-yourself products do not destroy egg capsules, and most homeowners do not know where to apply the treatments to eliminate the ootheca. While a DIY product may produce immediate gratification as you watch cockroaches die, they cannot combat a cockroach infestation. 

Many homeowners will use a fogger hoping to stop an infestation because they believe the pesticides will penetrate hard-to-reach places. The problem is that they coat cooking and eating surfaces with pesticides, which can be harmful if ingested by humans. Another danger when using DIY products is that they contain chemicals that can hurt humans when misapplied.

A professional cockroach remedy from Havard Pest Control is the best and safest way to stop cockroaches from invading your Birmingham house. Our highly-trained technicians know where and how to apply our environmentally conscious treatment products for maximum results.

How The Pros Handle Cockroach Infestations In Birmingham

When you call Havard Pest Control because you are concerned about cockroach sightings in your Birmingham house, we listen to your concern. Once we gather the necessary information, we will send a certified technician to inspect your hours. Our technician will inspect your home to identify entry points, attractants, hot spots, and the cockroach species infesting your house. Using data from the investigation and information you provide, we will develop a comprehensive strategic plan to eradicate cockroaches from your home. 

Our first step is an initial interior treatment focusing on hot spots and egg locations. Unlike DIY products that often kill on contact, our products work on a time-delay basis. The treatments stick to the bug's body and are carried back to their nests in wall voids, under cabinets, etc., where they spread it to others. Our next step is to treat the exterior to create a barrier around the home to prevent more cockroaches from entering from the outside. Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control services and request your free inspection.

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