The Problem With Raccoons In Mississippi

December 30, 2021

Mississippi welcomes all wanderers to explore their state. You can stroll along the Appalachian trail, saunter into local casinos, and mosey along amongst the seafood trails to enjoy some fabulous local cuisine. If you are into sports, walk on over towards a lush golf course, or if history is your jam, Mississippi has many historical sites you can explore. One resident of Mississippi who enjoys wandering around the state is the raccoon. If you are not careful, they may “wander” right into your yard and bring you all kinds of trouble.

A raccoon on a rooftop.

Everything Mississippi Residents Need To Know About Raccoons

Raccoons are all over the United States, and most make a nuisance of themselves when they decide to visit your property. Recognizing them, their habitat, and their behaviors can be beneficial when it comes to discouraging them from frequenting your property.

Three categories that are helpful to consider when addressing whether you have a raccoon problem is as follows:

  • Description: When it comes to mammals, raccoons are mid-sized, measuring around 2 to 3 feet long. Their most prominent feature is the black “mask” of fur (bandit mask) around their eyes. They have a stout, round body with fur that looks like salt-and-pepper; their tail has black rings.
  • Little-Known Secrets To Discourage Raccoons From Visiting Your Yard: Raccoons are common in forested areas, but they have adapted quite nicely to urban areas. When establishing a home, raccoons use just about anything to build their den. They will use crevices in rocks, hollow trees, ground burrows, barns, sheds, and abandoned buildings. When they use homes as dens, they often settle in attics, chimneys, and beneath porches and edecks.
  • Behaviors: These mammals are very intelligent, adaptable, and curious by nature. They possess an uncanny ability to get into things. Because they are nocturnal, they usually sleep during the day and forage for food at night. Since they can eat just about anything, they can become an extreme nuisance by destroying gardens and making a general mess of your property while you sleep.

Why Mississippi Property Owners Should Be Aware of Visiting Raccoons

While seeing a raccoon out and about near your yard can be something of a curiosity, they are not something you want to have around. Not every raccoon is dangerous, but some carry diseases such as rabies and raccoon roundworm; others bring fleas and ticks to your door. They also cause property damage and can be aggressive. The sooner they are forced to leave, the better!

Little-Known Secrets To Discourage Raccoons From Visiting Your Yard

It seems wherever they go; raccoons leave a path of destruction in their wake. There are various measures property owners can take to deter raccoons from making a nuisance of themselves.

  • Prevention measures property owners can take to discourage raccoons include:
  • Fix broken vents
  • Seal any structural holes that allow access to your property
  • Cap chimneys
  • Repair any openings along the roofline
  • Fix loose siding and shingles
  • Make sure trash bins have a tight-fitting lid and place it in an area that can be locked
  • Eliminate bird feeders, birdseed, and decorative water fountains
  • Remove yard debris
  • Keep firewood at least 20 feet away from your building.

The Best Advice For Safe Removal of Mississippi Raccoons

If you believe you have a raccoon infestation, do not attempt to remove them on your own. Any wild animal is a possible rabies carrier, and they can get extremely aggressive if you are messing with them. The best way to remove raccoons from your property is by using the professional pest services of Havard Pest Control. We have been serving the State of Mississippi for 70 years and know just what is needed to safely remove destructive pests from your property. Call Havard Pest Control today for solutions to your pest problems.

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