The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Termites Around Your Louisiana Home

February 5, 2023

Louisiana is known for its amazing food, rich culture, and humid climate. Unfortunately, the natural moisture that comes with Louisiana’s climate attracts more than just tourists - it also serves as a breeding ground for termites. 
Termites are some of the most dangerous pests to have in your home because they can go undetected for long periods of time. During that time, they can cause damage to your property that can cost you some serious money. In this blog, we review a few facts you should know about termites, how you could be attracting them, and what Louisiana pest control company to call at the very first sign of them in your home.

three termites up close

The Role Termites Play In Our Ecosystem

While termites in Louisiana can cause serious damage to our homes, they play a vital part in our ecosystem. Termites are important because they recycle wood and plant materials. When termites feed out in the wild, they break down dead plants and trees and begin a cycle of regeneration for the soil with which new plants and life forms can grow. This process is vital to the cyclical nature of life.
In addition to breaking down decaying trees and plant fibers, termites also aerate the soil, enriching it with nutrients and improving it. If termites did not exist, our soil would not be fertile enough to grow food that animals and insects rely on to survive.

How Quickly Can Termites Destroy A House?

Each individual termite works very slowly, eating wood from the inside out. However, because termites work in colonies comprised of thousands of individual termites, their reach is far and wide. Certain wood structures, such as beams or flooring, can be destroyed in as little as a few months. In order to destroy an entire house, though, there must be swarms of termite colonies that have perhaps gone undetected for years. These termite colonies can destroy a home in as little as a year or two, and why looking out for evidence of termite damage in your home and getting a yearly termite inspection is so important.

Removing Factors That Attract Termites

While the best way to handle a termite infestation is to hire professional termite control, there are certain factors you can remove from your home to prevent attracting any in the future. Some factors that attract termites are:

  • Leaky pipes, faucets, or AC units.
  • Water that has pooled around the foundation of your home.
  • Wood that is placed directly onto soil.
  • Improper ventilation of crawl spaces, basements, or attics.
  • Storing firewood near your home.
  • Unsealed cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home.

While removing these factors will help deter future termites from entering your house, it’s also a good idea to follow up with a yearly termite inspection while looking out for signs of termites in your home periodically.

The Best Way To Protect Your Home From Termites

Termites are known to be nearly impossible to get rid of on your own. They can go unnoticed for long periods of time, work in colonies of thousands, and do damage from the inside out. Purchasing termite removal products from the store will only get you so far. The best way to get rid of termites is to hire a termite specialist near you. At Havard Pest Control, we’re committed to getting every last termite out of your Louisiana home safely and effectively. If you think you have a termite problem, don’t wait any longer to take action.

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