Problems Summer Mosquitoes Bring To Families In The Southeast

April 24, 2019

For many people, summer is their favorite season of the year. Beach lovers enjoy the constant hot weather, kids love summer for the break from school it brings. However, whether you love summer or not, it is fair to assume you dislike at least one thing about it, mosquitoes. These pesky insects make whatever area they decide to infest less enjoyable. From camping to fishing to just sitting on your porch. Wherever mosquitoes are, trouble and annoyance follow.

mosquito on grass in backyard of home in the southeast

Why Mosquitoes Are Both Annoying and Destructive

Most people when they think about mosquitoes just think about how annoying they are. When you go for an evening hike and mosquitoes find you on the trail, it is not too difficult to get frustrated. Obviously, mosquitoes are annoying. What is less obvious is that mosquitoes are also dangerous. We know what you may be thinking: “Aren’t mosquitoes only a threat in other countries?” Although it is true that they are a bigger threat in other countries because of the lack of medical access and wider spread diseases, they are still a threat here in the US. For instance, if a mosquito bites a person with Dengue virus and then proceeds to bite you, you run the risk of contracting that same disease. Some of the most common diseases mosquitoes spread include.

■      Chikungunya Virus

■      Dengue Virus

■      Malaria

■      West Nile Virus

■      Yellow Fever

■      Zika Virus

Although the transmission of these diseases is less common here in the US, there is still a risk. For this reason, we recommend that people take as many precautions as possible when it comes to mosquitoes.

Why Homes In The Southeast Are Particularly At Risk

When you live in an ecosystem as hot and humid as it is here in the southeast, mosquitoes are more than just a part of life; they are a big part of it. This is because mosquitoes need two major things to breed, survive, and thrive. Those things are moisture and heat. These conditions make a huge difference in mosquito populations, and because we have both of these things in abundance here, mosquito populations often soar. This leaves us with a major need: a need for professional mosquito control.

Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control Through Havard

When you have your property treated for mosquitoes, it wears the “bug spray” so you don’t have to. With a little help from Havard Pest Control, your yard will become your mosquito repellent. This allows you to enjoy outdoor life without having to worry about the annoyances and dangers that mosquitoes pose. Outdoor cookouts become more enjoyable, and pool days involve less slapping away at pests. All around, professional mosquito control will help you better enjoy your summer. It’s a no brainer. If you are interested, give us a call here at Havard today!

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