How To Prep Your Mississippi Home For Termite Season

March 25, 2022

While there are many problems that you have to worry about as a homeowner, there is one that you might not think about enough. Termites are a huge issue when they invade properties, so it’s essential to prevent termites, especially during termite season. In fact, in just eight to ten years, termites can destroy the structure of a building. While this doesn’t happen often, any termite infestation can end up costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars on home repairs. 

In this guide, you’ll discover all you need to know about termite season and how to get effective pest control in Mississippi to guard against these damaging pests.


termites in rotting wood

When Is Termite Season In Mississippi?

The first thing you need to know about termites is what termite season actually means. Termites are active throughout the year as they can damage wooden items and structures. However, there are certain times where they are more likely to leave the nest. This time of year, from spring to fall, is known as the termite season.

This is when the termite swarmers, the termites in the colony responsible for reproduction, will sometimes leave to find new places to nest. This also means that termite seasons are when you’re most likely to see termites.

How Do I Know If My Mississippi Home Has Termites?

Overall, identifying termites isn’t easy just by sight. Termites are usually tunneling directly into wood or living in underground colonies in the soil, so you aren’t likely to see them just crawling around your home somewhere. However, you may see some of them during termite season. Remember that termite swarmers have wings and are usually brown to black. They can resemble flying ants. The other members of the termite colonies are white and don’t have wings, and you’re very unlikely to see them.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Mississippi Look Like?

Along with identifying termites by sight, there are other signs of an infestation you can watch out for. However, it’s important to note that signs of termite damage usually don’t show up until termites have already been around for a year or more. Overall, this makes catching termite problems before any damage is done rather tricky, and the only way to get through termite control is with help from Havard Pest Control.

You should also know what termite damage looks like, however. Some of the main signs of termites include finding termite frass around the property, noticing the floorboards have started to squeak or buckle and seeing damaged drywall or wallpaper.

How Does Havard Pest Control Get Rid Of Termites In Mississippi?

While some people try to get termite control on their own, this is rarely effective. Instead, it’s best to trust the professionals at Havard Pest Control. We provide termite inspections, the best way to catch termites before they’ve done too much damage. Then, we can apply various treatments such as liquid options or barriers around the foundation to both remove and keep termites at bay.

Find out more about termite control in Mississippi by calling us today.

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