Birmingham's Complete Guide To Pest Control In Spring

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There’s a lot to do in Birmingham. The area hosts a bustling, thriving business environment that brings opportunity and involvement to the area. The housing market is strong, with many nice neighborhoods to choose from. There are considerable opportunities for dining and entertainment, and plenty of outdoor spaces for recreation. Springtime is an exciting time in Birmingham. As winter ends, the days of cold and dreariness make way for the early days of spring, and homeowners begin to make their plans. The growing season has arrived, and homeowners start the process of optimizing their homes and yards.

Springtime also brings about increased pest activity and the need for local pest control. Every pest that you may encounter as a homeowner thrives in the warmer seasons, and the beginning of spring signals the start of many pest problems for area homeowners. Each of these pests has its own set of behaviors and habits, and total pest control approaches require knowledge and experience with all of them.

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What Pests To Look Out For During The Spring

Many different types of pests in Birmingham can infest your home. All of them have their own sets of habits and behaviors and require dependable pest control to effectively address them. Here are some of the pests you may have to deal with in your Birmingham home:

  • Cockroaches. Roaches breed fast, and small infestations grow large quickly.
  • Bees/wasps. These flying pests possess venomous stings and can be aggressive.
  • Mice. Mice love building nests in walls and chewing on wires and cables.
  • Rats. Similar to mice but much bigger, rats can be aggressive when cornered.
  • Squirrels. Squirrels are excellent climbers and prefer to build nests in eaves.
  • Fleas. Flea infestations are known for high recurrence rates and return often.
  • Bed bugs. A growing problem all over the United States and Birmingham.
  • Mosquitoes. When mosquitoes get thick, they can ruin your outdoor experience.
  • Spiders. Spiders are predators that tend to follow other insects to your home.
  • Ants. Ants can get into nearly anything, and are often highly difficult to eliminate.

These are some of the pests you can encounter in your Birmingham home. If you find yourself dealing with pests in your home, Havard Pest Control can help you get rid of them. Get in touch with us today to discuss our treatment approaches and history of excellent customer service. We know pest control in Birmingham.

Pests Can Damage And Dirty Your Home

Pest infestations can introduce several negative circumstances and situations into your home. Some pests, like cockroaches, rats, and mice, can potentially expose you to infectious pathogens that can negatively affect your health. They spread these things by walking across your counters and furniture, and you can get exposed without ever seeing the first pest. Wasps and bees can aggressively defend their nests and hives, resulting in painful, venomous stings. Termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees can cause substantial damage to the wooden structures of your home. Termites alone account for billions of dollars of damage per year. Finally, mice, rats, and squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home’s insulation as they build their nests.

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Tips To Effectively Deter Pests In The Spring

Here are some ways that you can decrease your chances of having to deal with pests in Birmingham:

  1. Seal garbage. Pests of all types are drawn to garbage. Seal it to deter them.
  2. Eliminate clutter. Pest love exploring, hiding in, and nesting in clutter.
  3. Seal your home. Eliminating easy ways into your home can help discourage pests.
  4. Don’t leave food outside. Bird feeders and leftover pet food outside can draw pests.
  5. Seal inside food. Easy food availability inside your home can draw pests inside.
  6. Keep a clean house. Pests can find plenty to eat on dirty counters and floors.

These tips can help decrease your chances of encountering pests but unfortunately can’t guarantee you that they won’t still come. If you need quality pest control for your Birmingham home, contact Havard Pest Control. We pride ourselves on our history of successfully eliminating pest infestations.

Let Us Handle Your Springtime Pest Control In Birmingham!

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