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Many local property owners experience moisture-related concerns on their Mississippi properties. Water and excessive moisture from plumbing leaks, flooding, and insufficient ventilation are among the most common contributing factors that create these problems. Homeowners often notice peeling wallpaper, rotting wood and other building and structural materials, and mold. Certain pests may worsen some of these adverse property conditions or capitalize on the opportunities that these problems create.

Mississippi averages over 50 inches of precipitation annually, making it consistently among the leading states in this category. Further, the Mississippi State Department of Health's Healthy Homes initiative acknowledges that moisture is a major statewide concern that may cause asthma attacks, attract dangerous pests, and create severe structural damage. Moisture is also a leading contributor to damaged foundations in homes throughout the state.

Do you have moisture control problems? The best course of action involves seeking assistance from a local professional that knows the various ways of remedying existing issues with moisture and the best preventative measures. A Mississippi moisture control company understands interior and exterior moisture control and solves crawlspace and basement moisture control problems.

What Is Causing The Condensation Inside My Mississippi Home?

Condensation occurs when water vapor transitions into a liquid, which experts often explain as "reverse evaporation." Condensation will result when cool air reaches its dew point, as it sometimes occurs at night. Condensation might also result from excessive water vapor creating saturation that exceeds capacity. For example, warm air generally holds more moisture than cold air, as demonstrated in most warmer climates with resulting humidity.

Many activities we perform at home might generate condensation, including washing and drying clothes or cooking. Here, the amount of water vapor exceeds the capacity of the air.

Health Hazards That Mold And Fungus Could Cause

Although often thought of as primarily outdoor concerns, mold and fungus may also develop indoors under certain conditions. For example, when damp surfaces have exposure to mold spores. Similarly, fungi exist in millions of species and might live on indoor surfaces, air, and inside people's bodies. Some of the most prevalent health concerns associated with these two include:

  • Making direct contact with or inhaling mold or mold spores often generates allergic reactions, including skin rashes or those related to hay fever. 
  • People sometimes experience asthma attacks when exposed to mold.
  • Some of the common fungal diseases include ringworm, nail infections, yeast infections, and histoplasmosis.
  • Fungi generate white and brown rot, two problems that will completely erode types of wood used in homes, garages, decks, and porches.

Both mold and fungi will spread on moist wood and other surfaces such as walls, drapes, and other home furnishings creating property damage and may pose health risks. Avoiding the presence of these concerns centers on properly controlling moisture. Rather than try moisture control products yourself, let the experts handle it.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of The Moisture Control Process

An experienced provider of moisture control services will typically approach the process using the following three basic steps:

Inspection: A specialist will visit the premises and accurately identify the causes of moisture and humidity. Often, the process will involve inspecting the interior and exterior of the structure near the foundation, such as in basements or crawlspaces. In some instances, property damage and pest activity will exist.

Choose solution(s): A comprehensive and customized plan of treatment might involve implementing a barrier that seals out vapor, enhancing ventilation, application of anti-fungal products and pest treatment, and repairing any necessary damage.

Perform treatment: Executing a treatment plan promptly that remediates the existing conditions, prevents future problems, and may include a follow-up visit.

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