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Excess moisture can be a serious concern for both residential and commercial spaces. Leaks, poor ventilation, or seasonal flooding can lead to condensation build-up, which can cause wallpaper to peel, boards to warp and rot, and allow mold to grow. Homeowners in your area are commonly affected by brown rot, white rot, and other fungi. Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and paper product pests looking to gain residence in your building exploit these conditions. If you suspect that you have a moisture control issue in AL, LA, or MS, we encourage you to reach out to one of our experienced and professional inspectors at Havard today for a free consultation.

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Moisture Treatment Process


Our technicians schedule an inspection to identify problem areas in your home which may have increased humidity levels. Problem areas for most properties include basements, crawlspaces, and attics, so these areas will be closely inspected. Havard will identify not only areas that have moisture control issues but also look for pest infestations that may have developed due to condensation. Damp wood, drywall, and wallpaper are all attractants for small pests.

Develop Plan

If we identify mold or excess moisture damage, our team will document their findings and work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and your budget. Common solutions for excess moisture include the installation of vapor barriers, adding more ventilation, and applying fungus treatments. Our technicians can make small repairs, but if the ventilation issues require extensive work we may refer you to a contractor.


Upon developing the treatment plan, we’ll schedule a start date with you to begin increasing ventilation to the impacted areas of your home. If you have mold, our team will work to remove affected boards and other contaminated materials.

Moisture Control Methods Offered By Havard

Vapor Barrier Installation

Installing a vapor barrier is an effective way of preventing moisture from entering your home. This also stops cold air from meeting warm air and creating condensation on drywall.

Crawl Space Venting

The addition of vents to crawl spaces can increase air circulation under your home. This keeps air from becoming stagnant and keeps condensation from collecting. Adding vents also help dry out areas of the home that are prone to seasonal flooding, or dampness which can cause rot.

Fungus Treatments

Generally, fungus treatments only need to be applied to crawlspaces, and their close contact with the ground and continued moisture exposure are conducive to mold growth.

Havard uses topical fungicide products that kill fungi in wood. To ensure the best treatment results and prevent further mold growth, the crawlspace receives additional ventilation. For the same reason, Havard also highly recommends installing a vapor barrier. 


Moisture Control Frequently Asked Questions

What is brown rot and white rot?


Brown and white rot are classified as wood decay caused by fungi. Brown rot seems to attack coniferous wood types, such as pine which is a common building material. The decay pattern of brown rot is usually brown in coloration and has a crumbly texture. White rot tends to affect hardwoods and can make the wood appear bleached. White rot may cover an entire board, making it look bleached and stringy, or can affect small pockets of the wood.

What causes moisture issues in crawl spaces?


Moisture control issues are usually caused by poor ventilation, or by blocked ventilation ducts. Our technicians will identify these problems for you as part of your treatment plan.

Do moisture issues attract termites?


Areas containing high humidity levels and damp or rotting wood attract subterranean termites. Damp wood is also easier for termites to burrow into. Because areas with moisture control issues are usually areas of the home that are not frequented on a regular basis, such as crawlspaces, an infestation may take hold easily.

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