Fact Or Fiction: Assessing The Spiders In Louisiana

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an orb weaver spider in its web

There's no denying that spiders in Louisiana can be creepy. Their appearance is enough to send chills down anyone's spine. And not just that. Spiders do not spread deadly diseases, but some can produce a toxic venom that can cause neurotoxicity, skin lesions, and systemic illnesses.

You shouldn't grant them accommodation in your Louisiana home. Don't handle them yourself. For pest control in Louisiana, call a Harvard Pest Control professional for safe and effective extermination.

Five Strange But True Spider Facts:

Here are some weird but true spider facts that prove these creepy pests are nothing short of one of nature's unusual pests:

  1. They can see what we can't- particularly, jumping spiders (salticids) can see things we can't. Several can see UVB and UVA light.
  2. Some can disguise themselves as ants.
  3. Some male spiders love being eaten- black widow spiders eat their mates. That's a fact. However, red widow spiders don't. The males force-feed themselves to females by putting themselves in the females' mandibles. These freaky spiders keep doing so until the females eat them.
  4. To keep predators away, some tarantulas fling fine, irritating hairs known as urticating hairs.
  5. They lay hundreds of eggs at once- when they reproduce, they house them in several sacs, each containing hundreds of eggs.

The different kinds of spiders in Louisiana pose a unique threat. Hence, you should always call a professional pest control company when you see one for your family's safety.

Why Do Spiders Build Webs?

Spiders build webs from the silk produced in their bodies. It's pulled out of several openings (spinnerets) with the spider's hind legs. They construct them for several purposes:

  • To catch their prey.
  • To protect themselves from predators.
  • To protect their eggs.
  • For transport.

Some Commonly Told Spider Myths

Various people tell different myths about these pesky pests. Here are some of the most usual ones:

  1. You eat approximately four of them in your sleep every year.
  2. All spiders are dangerous- some common spiders in Louisiana prefer their privacy, and even if they bite, they aren't venomous (but it hurts).
  3. They bite humans that eat specific foods.
  4. They make nests in hair.
  5. They drink from your mouth.
  6. You can tell which spider you're dealing with by its appearance.
  7. They're insects- all spiders are arachnids.
  8. All spiders make webs.
  9. You can find all spider species anywhere.
  10. All spiders are male- granted, it can be challenging telling a spider's gender through their morphology as it's different from ours, but there's a unique difference that tells them apart.

These myths may contribute to why spiders have a bad reputation. Remember, they are just myths.

Total Spider Control For Louisiana  Homeowners

You can never tell what kind of scary spiders you're dealing have. Therefore, you should involve a professional pest control agency like Harvard Pest Control in your spider troubles. We're a family-run and owned business in Louisiana. We service Louisiana residents and those in the surrounding area.

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