I Am Worried About Moisture Inside My Alabama House

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Moisture control is a vital part of your Alabama pest control plan because many pests are attracted to moisture. If you have moisture issues, you could be setting yourself up for infestations of everything from ants to crickets to silverfish to cockroaches. And, of course, if you have a houseful of these juicy prey items, predators like spiders and centipedes are sure to follow. So if you don't take measures for adequate interior and exterior moisture control around your home, you could soon be sharing it with thousands of unwelcome guests – not to mention other icky things that could take hold. 

What Causes Too Much Moisture Inside A Home

There are lots of things that could cause moisture buildup in your home. Leaks are a big issue, especially in basements and around doors and windows. Don't think that leaks are the only problems when it rains. Water can build up inside walls and stay there when wood absorbs it. Moist wood can attract termite infestations, as it is softer and easier to chew. 

Condensation is another big issue when it comes to moisture problems. Condensation occurs when there are significant temperature differences between indoor and outdoor environments. When warm air hits a cold surface (like the hot air inside your house hitting a chilled exterior wall), it causes water to condense. Condensed water then runs down the wall or window, creating dampness. These reasons are why moisture control is especially hard in the winter. 

The Problem With Fungus And Mold

You don't want to let moisture in your home get out of hand as it can lead to mold and mildew buildup inside walls, around windows, and more. Mold produces spores to reproduce, and these spores get released into the air. As you might imagine, breathing in mold spores is not great for you. It can lead to everything from allergy symptoms to asthma attacks. Some mold spores are even dangerously toxic. 

What To Expect From Havard Pest Control's Moisture Treatment Process

Havard Pest Control has an extensive moisture control process. First, we inspect your home to identify the problems causing condensation and increased humidity levels. We'll also look for potential infestations that could already be underway thanks to these issues. 

Next, we'll develop a plan to treat problem areas. You're most likely to need basement, attic, or crawlspace moisture control, but if other areas have issues, we'll include those as well. We work with all our clients to create plans that fit their needs and budget. 

We'll implement our plan as soon as possible. We'll take measures to eradicate pests, remove mold, and increase ventilation in the affected areas. We'll also advise you on how to avoid a repeat of the same problems moving forward. You may need to take measures like repairing leaks or unclogging drainage. If condensation is a problem, you may also need to use moisture control devices like dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in the air, especially in the winter. 

Professional Moisture Control From The Professionals

If you're worried about the condensation or leaks around your home, you probably should be. Not only do moisture problems lead to water damage, but they also help mold gain a foothold and roll out the red carpet for pests. The good news is that you're not alone in the fight against moisture. The best moisture and pest control business is just a click or phone call away. If you need help drying things out, give Havard Pest Control a call or visit our contact page today!