The Problems With Excess Moisture In Your Alabama Home

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It is not just uncomfortable to live inside a humid home. There are many other negatives that come with access moisture. For instance, did you know that moisture can contribute to pest problems? We are going to be talking about this today and discussing what you should be doing about moisture issues inside your Alabama home. If that is what you are looking for, keep reading. 

Why Is There So Much Moisture In My Home?

Before we talk about moisture control in Alabama, let’s talk about why homes have moisture problems. Often, moisture problems are directly connected to poor weatherproofing. This includes improperly sealed windows/doors, damage to exterior walls, bad insulation, and other similar factors. All of these leaks do not just allow cold and warm air to escape, they also allow exterior humidity to seep indoors. If you can feel the humidity inside on particularly humid days, there is a good chance your home is in need of better weatherproofing. If it is humid indoors but not outside, the humidity is coming from inside your home. Things that make homes more humid include cooking, taking a shower, and leaky piping/fixtures. 

The Dangers Of Having Mold And Fungus In Your Home

Humidity doesn’t just make air uncomfortable to breathe, it can also lead to other serious problems like mold and fungus growth. Many species of mold and fungus growth have a considerable effect on human health. Mold can cause allergic symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, itching, coughing, difficulty breathing, headache, fatigue, and wheezing. Black mold, in particular, is especially harmful, causing many of the same problems but can also lead to black mold poisoning. Fungus affects humans in a slightly different way. It usually attacks nails and skin in the form of fungus infections. Fungi can also lead to blood infections, meningitis, and lung infections. 

How Moisture Attracts Pests

Many pests that live in Alabama thrive in moist environments. By controlling moisture problems inside your home, you greatly reduce your chances of dealing with invasive pests. One benefit to hiring Havard Pest Control for your moisture control services is that we also control pests. Just think of us as a home improvement company because, without humidity and pests inside your home, your home life will improve.

What To Expect From Our Moisture Treatment Process 

Investing in professional moisture treatments courtesy of Havard Pest Control is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. The first thing you will notice after we treat your home is an immediate change in air quality. Your skin will feel less clammy and the air will feel cleaner. After a short time, you may notice that common symptoms of fungus and mold such as itchy skin, breathing problems, and fatigue go away. If you combine our moisture treatments with a detailed pest control plan, you will also notice freedom from problematic invaders. 

Professional Moisture Control: Havard Pest Control

From basement moisture control to exterior moisture control, Harvard Pest Control has everything your home needs to stay dry, year-round. Providing exemplary services at an affordable rate is what we are known for. Whether you are dealing with humidity indoors or an infestation of pests, we have what you need to make your living areas more comfortable. The only thing standing between you and this comfort is a detailed inspection to see what your home needs. This process allows our technicians to evaluate your home and put in place a plan of action.

Call now to learn more about moisture control in Alabama and find a time to have your home serviced.