The Best Way To Keep Sugar Ants From Infesting Your Louisiana Property

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Louisiana is a diverse state with many great places to live, as well as a deep and rich history. Although there are many wonderful aspects of living in this great state, the abundance of problematic and invasive pests is not one. Pests spread bacteria, cause disease, and damage property. Sugar ants are one of the most common and troublesome pests that invade local properties, which is why you may need Louisiana pest control.

Where Do Sugar Ants Come From?

The term “sugar ant” is often used to refer to many different species of ants, including Argentine, pharaoh, and odorous house ants. The common aspects of sugar ants are their tiny size and their preference for sweet or sugary foods. The most common source of these ants in a home or property is leaving out food, not cleaning food or beverage spills and leaks, and uncovered trash bins.  Sugar ant size is typically between two to fifteen millimeters in length. Because these ants are so small, they can easily enter through even the tiniest cracks or holes in your property.

Why Could There Be Sugar Ants In My Car?

Nobody wants to find pests anywhere, but an infestation of sugar ants in your car can be extra frustrating. As with an infestation in a home or business, a food source is the most common reason for sugar ants to invade your car. Food or wrappers, uncleaned spills, and drinks left in the vehicle are all frequent attractants for sugar ants. Making sure to tidy your car and throw out the trash regularly can go a long way to preventing these troublesome pests from infesting your car.

Are There Any At Home Remedies That Repel Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants are tough to get rid of once they have infested a property; they are extremely small and hard to spot and can quickly expand their colonies due to their fast rate of reproduction. While a full-on infestation of sugar ants is impossible to take care of on your own, there are practical measures that homeowners can take to reduce the chances of infestation.  
Practical methods to make your home a less attractive target for sugar ants include:  

  • Eliminating sources of standing water on your property.  
  • Trimming to ensure that trees and other plants aren’t making contact with the house.  
  • Sealing any cracks in the walls or other parts of the property that could provide access to ants.  
  • Properly storing food and ensuring that uncovered food is not left out. 

If you believe you have a sugar ant infestation on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Havard Pest Control for more information on how to keep these pests off of your property.

What To Do If At Home Remedies Don't Repel Sugar Ants?

A sugar ant infestation is detrimental to both your physical and mental well-being. Not only do they spread disease and contaminate food, but prolonged infestations lead to anxiety and increased stress.
While practical measures that you can conduct on your own are important in reducing the chances of an infestation, infestations can still occur despite your best effort. Professional extermination and pest control service is the only long-term solution for a sugar ant infestation. Luckily for Louisiana residents, Havard Pest Control is here to help prevent and eliminate sugar ant infestations and any other pest problems you may be facing.
Havard Pest Control, a local Louisiana pest control specialist, has been serving communities across the state since 1947 by keeping homes and businesses safe and pest free. Our team of certified and highly trained pest technicians has experience dealing with sugar ants and the variety of other pests that invade Louisiana properties.
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