What Is The Best Way To Keep Roof Rats Off Of My Alabama Roof?

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a roof rat crawling in grass

There is no denying that rats are a big problem. These pests have a knack for invading homes and causing serious issues for homeowners. Some species are capable of climbing onto structures which greatly expands their options to get indoors. Today we will be talking about one type of rat that has its heart set on invading your living areas and the talents to do so. Here is everything you should know about roof rats and what threats they bring into Alabama homes.

What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats are a species of rodents known for their dexterity. Identify one of these pests by its 16” long, thin body, scaly tail, large ears, and black eyes. A roof rat’s fur is typically brown and has black hairs intermixed into it. Its underside is white.

How Do Roof Rats Get Inside?

Although not as common as their cousins, Norway rats, roof rats regularly break into area homes. Sometimes they get inside by scaling siding, jumping from nearby branches, or tight wire walking over utility lines. This allows them to gain access to rooflines, chimneys, and second and third-story windows. A roof rat is not, however, limited by its ability to climb onto a structure. These pests will also invade through gaps and cracks in foundational blocks, damaged window/door screens, and through other areas where damage has occurred.

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

All rodents pose a serious risk to human health. Roof rats are no exception. These invasive creatures regularly get themselves into sticky situations where they need to feed on trash or dead animals to survive. This type of behavior leaves roof rats covered and filled with bacteria, human pathogens, and parasitic worms. They spread these sickness vectors in and around homes off their bodies and through their fecal droppings and urine.

Roof rats also transport fleas, ticks, and mites. These smaller parasitic bugs can carry diseases of their own which they transmit through their bites. Fleas, ticks, and mites are also a serious threat to pets like cats and dogs.

What You Should Do To Prevent Roof Rats?

If you don’t want roof rats inside your Alabama home, it is going to require some effort to keep these pests outside. If you are up for the task, here are some prevention tips to start with.

  • Thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior for cracks, gaps, and openings. Seal smaller entry points using a caulking gun and some steel wool. Have larger damaged areas repaired.
  • Invest in quality door sweeps for all of your exterior doors.
  • Repair damage to window/door screens.
  • Invest in rodent-proof trash cans for both inside and outside your home.
  • Mow your grass regularly and trim back bushes and tree branches five feet from your home’s exterior.
  • After you finish a meal, store leftovers inside airtight containers.
  • Eliminate sources of water buildup.
  • Repair damage to piping and fixtures.
  • Clean out your gutters once a year and make sure they are in good condition.

How Professionals Help With Roof Rat Infestations

Are you equipped to handle a roof rat infestation? Most people are not. To get these invasive rodents out of your home quickly, trust Havard Pest Control. Our experts understand rodent behaviors and have the advanced tools needed to remove these pests from area homes. All you have to do is let us inspect your home. We will identify any rodent problems you are having and recommend residential pest control or commercial pest control treatment options to get and keep them out.

Call today if you have questions about roof rats, and schedule your Alabama property for an inspection.