Five Early Warning Signs Of Roaches In Your Columbia, MS Home

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american cockroaches in a bowl of rice

This may be hard to conceive, but tiny insects can be a greater harm to humans and their health than large animals. Generally, bugs crawl around with incalculable amounts of germs and parasites on their bodies. Illnesses can be spread or directly transmitted. Cockroaches are definitely not excluded from this.

Cockroaches contaminate food and surfaces, which brings about sickness. It’s hard to keep them out of Columbia, MS homes because they can get past holes and crevices of every size. Also, they reproduce with speed and at mass. Given that their peak activity period is at night, you’re more likely to stumble across infestation evidence than seeing them flat out. Find out what the five signals are, and how Havard Pest Control can help. 

Sign #1 Finding Droppings

German and American cockroaches are very common in the region. German ones in particular are known for frequently invading homes. In adulthood, the brown or tan bugs are 0.51 to 0.62 of an inch long. They have wings, but they rather use their legs and run away. The young don’t have wings at all, and they’re wholly black. The entire class has black horizontal stripes behind their heads.

Adult American cockroaches are 3 inches long. A pair of wings cap their mahogany or reddish-brown bodies and allows them to get along short distances. Like their German counterparts, there’s a mark on the back of their heads. However, it’s shaped similar to the number eight. Being low on food and water is what inspires them to penetrate domiciles. They will settle in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and the like. Any damp and dark space will do. Paper and fabrics will be ruined with this species around.

Additional cockroach traits that are typical are:

  • They gravitate to water, natural matter, and organic debris
  • They can hide in concrete
  • Their nesting sites are usually in difficult to reach places

As they take over your abode, cockroaches will leave their waste everywhere. Expect to see blemishes and smudges on surfaces and fabrics. Feces with a grainy texture comes from smaller insects. Larger critters have solid turds with blunted or rounded tips. The size and color of pellets vary widely. In any event, their excrement has bacteria in it. The same goes for their urine and saliva. Cockroaches have been linked to viruses, pathogens, salmonella, and gastroenteritis.

Sign #2 Discovering Shed Skin

When cockroaches have fully matured, they cast off their skin and/or exoskeleton. You’re bound to see pieces of the material in any room. Once more, these pests are covered with microbes. Research has shown a connection between their shells and allergic reactions.

Sign #3 Seeing Eggs & Casings

On average, cockroach eggs and casings are 1 inch long or tinier. In terms of shade, they might be black, red, or brown. Inspect your basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Sign #4 Noticing Awful Smells

Cockroaches emit chemicals to communicate; they also regularly release secretions. The substances have a potent smell that’s incredibly musty.  

Sign #5 Catching Cockroaches in Broad Daylight

Again, cockroaches are nocturnal. If you see a single bug while the sun is up, you have an infestation. Where there’s one, there’s more.

Havard Pest Control Cockroach Extermination

For over 70 years, we at Havard Pest Control have been eliminating cockroaches and other creepy crawlers. Our highly trained technicians use industrial-grade interior and exterior treatments that will annihilate pesky bug populations. Rest assured, our solutions are safe for vegetation, domestic animals, and most of all, humans. When you call today, you’ll be offered a free inspection! Protect your well-being and that of your loved ones! Give us a ring!