How Ant Infestations Start In Jacksonville Homes

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a carpenter ant infestation in a kitchen

Some questions are impossible to answer. But there's one question that is relatively easy to answer - how does an ant infestation start? In Jacksonville, ants plague many homeowners. You can protect your home from these pests by knowing how infestations start and taking action to make your property less appealing to ants in Jacksonville.

What Ants Live In Jacksonville?

Here's a look at some of the local inhabitants:

Carpenter Ants

Like termites, these ants can damage your wood. They aren't quite as destructive as termites, but they do build tunnels and nests inside your wood. You can identify these ants by their large size and meeting habits.

Pharaoh Ants

Perhaps the most difficult species to cull out of any local ant, pharaoh ants are invaders that can survive almost all DIY methods of removal.

Ghost Ants

Despite their small size, ghost ants are one of the most annoying local ants. They have a dark head, translucent legs, and sometimes live in baseboards, potted plants, and cabinets.

Fire Ants

You probably won't find these ants inside your home, but they are among the most dangerous ants in Jacksonville. Fire ants have a stinger that delivers a painful bite, and their colonies spread out for miles.

Why Ants Come To Your Property

As with most pest infestations, ants come onto your property or into your home for one of three reasons:


Although ant food sources vary depending on the type of ant, most local ants seek out your crumbs and food left out on your counter. If you don't clean regularly or you leave unsealed food on your counters, ants have an endless supply of nutrients. Your garbage cans could also provide food to ants, but by using cans with lids, you can make wasted food less accessible to ants.


All ants need water to survive; without it, they simply will not endure. Some ants, like carpenter ants, are particularly attracted to moisture. When they find most wood, they can chew through it with ease. 
If your home or yard has excess moisture, it could be a haven for ants. You should take steps to limit the moisture. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Without disabling your plumbing or stopping the rain, you can never completely eliminate moisture.


Lastly, ants seek out shelter. Outside, they look for vegetation, dead logs, and other attractive features. Inside, they usually don’t seek shelter, but food. If your home is easy for them to access, ants are more likely to come inside and stay inside. Gaps under your doors and around your windows could be entrances, as could openings in your walls.

Tips For DIY Ant Prevention

Now that you know the reasons why ants enter your home, ant prevention should be a little easier. All of the following tips could help keep ants away:

  • Use lids on your garbage cans
  • Properly store food in your pantry 
  • Clean crumbs from your tables and floors
  • Do a deep clean of your home when necessary
  • Mow your lawn frequently
  • Remove yard debris and junk piles

Get Professional Help

Despite your hard work, ants could still make their way into your Jacksonville home. When that happens, there's only one thing left to do - call in the experts. You can count on the Havard Pest Control professionals to eliminate ants from your property. 
If you want to keep an infestation from ever happening, you can count on us for year-round ant control. Call today to learn more about how we can help you protect yourself and your home from ants.