The Truth About Ants In Hattiesburg

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red fire ants crawling on a log

These tiny soldiers have a habit of digging up your lush, green lawn, no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay. 

Many different species of ants call southern Mississippi home, and they range in size, shape, color, and destructive qualities. Ants are some of the most numerous household pests of all, with colonies ranging anywhere from a few thousand to a few million members. Their strong caste system, coupled with their small size, allows them to use both stealth and teamwork against unsuspecting homeowners. Here in Hattiesburg, there are three common types of ants that often infest homes.

  • Ants: These small, red ants pack quite a punch with their strong mandibles and painful, venomous stings. 
  • Carpenter Ants: Measuring almost 2.5 centimeters long at maturity, these black insects can reduce a wooden structure into silky frass, given enough time. Although they do not eat wood as termites do, carpenter ants can tunnel through important wooden studs and structural supports. 
  • Odorous House Ants: Called so because of their recognizable stench, odorous house ants are frequent visitors to pantries and other easily accessible storage areas. Pest-borne food contamination is a very real threat when dealing with ants of this species.

While other types of ants may find their way into neighboring homes and gardens, most serious home infestations will be due to the activities of one of these species. Regardless of the type or species, ants can create issues around both the interior and exterior of your home. These include:

  • Structural damage 
  • Strong, unpleasant scents 
  • Dying grasses and plants 
  • Painful bites or stings

If any ant species are discovered on your property, it will take strong and decisive action to remove them from the premises.

Best Methods Of Ant Prevention In Hattiesburg, MS

Ants are not picky pests. They often settle down even in difficult or adverse conditions. However, the truth is that ants in Hattiesburg, MS are drawn to certain attractive factors that make them more likely to infest. Keep a close eye for signs of:

  • High moisture levels, especially standing water sources in the lawn. 
  • Unsecured food sources that may have a strong scent, especially foods rich in protein or high in sugar content. 
  • Plants or flowers in the lawn that attract a large amount of insect attention (especially sweet or fragrant blooms).

Each of these signs can be managed in several ways, depending on your unique situation and home location.

  • Prevent moisture buildup in the home by running a dehumidifier in problem spaces. Water buildup in the yard can be prevented by carefully filling up dips or potholes, as well as meticulously caring for the lawn. 
  • Throw out your trash often, storing it in a tight bin until it can be completely removed from the property. 
  • Manage or remove the number of sweet flowers or blooms in the yard. If you are interested in other solutions, consider a seasonal pest protection plan.

While these are excellent methods of preventing ants from nesting in a yard, they will not necessarily remove infestations from the property.

Ask The Ant Professionals At Havard Pest Control For Help

Because of the durable and fastidious nature of ants, Hattiesburg residents are advised not to attempt to deal with an infestation on their own. It can cost time, money, and stress to fight pests without the proper skill or preparation, and can have a negative effect on your home, lawn, and lifestyle.

For assistance in removing ant species from your property, contact the skilled professionals at Havard Pest Control today. Our highly trained team members are prepared to give advice, provide preventative measures, and exterminate your pest problems as soon as possible.

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