Mississippi Homeowners Most Common Questions About Moisture Control

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evidence of moister damage in a mississippi residential basement

Are you noticing signs of moisture problems in your home? If so, you are likely to have questions. You know that moisture can lead to serious problems for your home and for your health. Hopefully, you'll find your question answered here. These are the most common questions we get about Moisture Control in Mississippi.

Where do moisture problems occur?

In our Mississippi service area, unsealed or unprotected crawlspaces and humid basements are where a lot of moisture problems begin. When moisture levels rise and condensation accumulates in a crawlspace or basement, it can cause issues throughout the whole house.

What causes moisture problems?

It is usually a matter of poor ventilation or blocked ventilation ducts. Crawlspaces and basements are ideal locations for moisture levels to rise due to cold air meeting warm air and creating condensation.

Does moisture cause wood rot?

Yes. Two common forms of rot that occur in areas of high humidity are brown and white rot. These are both caused by exposure to fungi. Brown rot is usually brown, as you might expect, and it has a crumbly texture. White rot causes a bleached coloration and affects hardwoods primarily.

Does moisture cause mold?

Yes. Like fungi, mold will attach to wood that is moist. It will also attach to walls, curtains, furniture and other surfaces inside your home. This can lead to health problems.

Does moisture lead to more pest problems?

Yes. In two ways. First, wood that is softened by fungi can be easily destroyed by rodents and other damaging pests. This can create avenues for pests to get into your home. Second, many pests require high humidity to survive and they will be right at home in a moist crawlspace or basement. Keep in mind that a high moisture environment is also attractive to subterranean termites which can present a serious threat to your Mississippi home.

How is moisture controlled?

At Havard Pest Control, we use several methods for resolving moisture issues in Mississippi homes.

  • A vapor barrier installation to prevent cold air from getting into your crawl space to create condensation.
  • Installation of vents to increase air circulation under your home.
  • Fungus treatments to address fungus and mold concerns.

Protect your home and health from moisture problems in Mississippi by reaching out to Havard Pest Control. We don't just protect families from pest threats, we protect homes from moisture damage and other moisture problems that can lead to health issues and financial strain.