Bed Bug Control In Birmingham Doesn't Have To Be A Headache
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Bed Bug Control In Birmingham Doesn't Have To Be A Headache!

If you look up "sneaky insect" in the dictionary, you'll probably find a definition that reads a lot like the description of a bed bug. We're kidding, of course. But this bug is a textbook example of a pest that is hard to locate when they infest your property, so it only makes sense that they would have their place in the dictionary. The fact that they're hard to find is one of the reasons that bed bugs are a headache to control. You will think you got rid of them, only to find out that you didn't, over and over again. It is more than a bit frustrating.

So, what works to get rid of bed bugs, and how can you tell when they're completely gone? The simple solution is to contact Havard Pest Control for professional bed bug services in Birmingham. We can tackle this tough job for you and take all the headaches out of returning your home to its bug-free state. Besides offering an easy solution, professional bed bug control services provide an effective answer to a common problem.

Let's examine the nature of a bed bug problem and how professional control tackles this problem head-on.

Bed Bug Bites Are Usually The First Sign Of A Problem

It isn't fun to get bed bug bites, but they are an easy-to-see warning sign that lets you know that you have an infestation—or that you "still" have an infestation. In either case, learning how to identify these bites and a few basic facts related to bed bug bites is helpful. Let's take a look:

  • When a bed bug bites, it attaches to the skin and draws blood for about ten minutes. When it finishes, it crawls about an inch and does this again. After the second feeding, it is still not done. It crawls another inch and draws blood a third time. If given the opportunity, a bed bug will bite three times. The pattern will be three bites close to each other in a zigzag or straight line.
  • When bed bugs feed, they do so as a group. But not all of the bugs come out of hiding. Keep this in mind if you catch some bed bugs in traps. You're likely only to catch a fraction of the population.
  • When a group of bed bugs bite you, you'll find many wounds tracking across your skin. The group of bed bugs will feed in the same general area.
  • When a bed bug bites you for the first time, you may not react. The wound may have no bump or rash, like a typical bug bite. That means you can get bitten and not recognize it as a "first sign" of bed bugs in your home.
  • When bed bugs feed on you repeatedly, your body will fight back. It will send histamines into the area where the bed bugs feed. These histamines are what cause the bumps, rash, and itchiness. At first, you may only see minor bumps and a significant rash, which may just look like an allergic reaction to clothing, food, or something else.
  • After subsequent feedings, bed bug bites can start to look like welts. It is possible to get welts the first time a bed bug bites, particularly an adult bug. More often, welts appear after a population has grown and newly hatched nymphs have grown into adult bed bugs.

The time to catch bed bugs is when you see three bites close together or a rash with many tiny bumps. These are potential evidence that you have one adult bug or a recent hatching of nymphs. At the first sign, contact a licensed professional. If you're in Birmingham, reach out to your Havard Pest Control service team for assistance.

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Say Goodbye To Bed Bug Worries: Partner With The Experts

Whether you have a bed bug infestation and are looking for relief or you want to keep bed bugs away, it pays to partner with the experts. Professionals have experience with these pests and training in the most trusted bed bug treatment strategies. Here is how Havard Pest Control handles bed bugs:

  • We inspect your home and track bed bugs.
  • We systematically apply control materials so bed bugs cannot elude the treatment.
  • We treat the whole structure so that we miss no bed bugs.
  • We monitor for bed bug activity and routinely inspect your home until no bed bugs remain in the structure.

Bed bug control is a science refined over the last two decades. Our technicians use the most advanced solutions to ensure the best results. If you'd like to learn more, we'd be happy to answer your questions. It is easy to connect with us through our page. Tell us about the problem you're having, and give us the best time to contact you, and we'll get the answers you need.

How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back?

Once the bed bugs in your home are gone, you will want to keep these irritating pests from coming back. We can help you do that. During the treatment process, we'll discuss your bed bug issue with you and give possible reasons as to why you ended up with these bugs in the first place. Along with this specific data, you can also use these general tips for bed bug prevention:

  • When you spend the night somewhere, take the time to do a quick bed bug inspection. Check between the mattress and box spring. Drag a debit card along the seams. Inspect sheets, pillowcases, and carpet edges for black fecal matter.
  • While staying away from home, protect your clothing. Bed bugs are strongly attracted to laundry items. A simple solution is to keep your laundry in a plastic trash bag.
  • Watch for warning signs of bed bugs when you go to work, school, or public venues. Bed bugs are not only found in hotels and motels.
  • Keep watch for warning signs when visiting someone. They may not realize they have an infestation.
  • When returning from a trip, wash and dry your clothing.
  • When purchasing used furniture or picking up something from the side of the road, do a thorough inspection. Look for black fecal matter, brown stains, shed skins, bed bugs, or eggs.
  • If you live in an apartment, share information regarding bed bugs with your next-door neighbors. As an added precaution, use caulk to seal any gaps these insects may use to pass through the walls into your home.

These simple steps can help you avoid getting bed bugs. Should they ever slip past your watchful eye, remember that Havard Pest Control is always available to help you with professional bed bug control in Birmingham. Connect with us whenever you need us.

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