Who Else In Mobile Wants To Keep Rodents Out?

October 21, 2020

Chances are that if you took a poll, just about everyone would say that rodents in Moline are one of the most troublesome pests they want to keep out of their home. While there are many animals classified as a rodent, the ones everyone focuses on are mice and rats. 

a house mouse feasting on bread

At first glance, they seem similar, but they are actually very different as detailed below:

  • Mice: Usually a dusty grey, this pest only gets up to about 3.75 inches long. Their rounded fur-covered body with large ears and long, thin tails can easily identify them.

  • Rats: While they possess the same general appearance, rat jaws are much larger. They also possess a thicker and scalier tail. However, their biggest difference lies in their size with rats growing up to 16 inches long. They most often are black, brown, or dark brown.

If there is one piece of good news about these rodents it's that you'll rarely see mice infestation at the same time as a rat infestation. This is largely thanks to their different nesting habits and how territorial rats are when food is scarce. Rats will kill mice in such circumstances.

Rodents Cause A Lot Of Problems

We all know that rodents aren't good to have in the home. However, most don't know just how dangerous they really are for humans. Where they cause problems is in disease transmission. Between the two of them, diseases such as rat-bite fever, hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonella, tularemia, scrub typhus, and more can be spread to unsuspecting people.
Not only do rodents carry their own pathogens, but they also carry parasites like fleas, which bring more pathogens to the party. If that wasn't bad enough, rodent urine and droppings can make people sick or trigger asthma and allergies.
In addition to health concerns, rodents can cause significant property damage. While they do scratch things up with their claws, it's their constant need to gnaw that causes problems for homeowners. Rodent teeth are always growing so they need to wear them down by chewing. This translates to holes in the wall and chewed up wires at a minimum if rodent infestations remain unchecked.

You Can't Control Them On Your Own

We won't pretend there aren't DIY solutions available to control rodent problems. However, they don't work nearly as well as they should in light of how problematic they are. For starters, rodents reproduce rapidly with 6-9 babies per litter. That quickly leads to many dozens of mice on hand instead of just a handful.
Also, rodents are sneaky and great at hiding when needed. With this fact in play, people often underestimate the severity of infestations. To enjoy true rodent control, the problem needs to be addressed at the source instead of just treating the symptom.

Rodent Prevention with Havard Pest Control

A rodent infestation is no one's idea of a good time. Add the threat to your health and property and it's clear that drastic action is needed. That's why our team at Havard Pest Control is standing by to assist you in reclaiming your home by removing those unwanted pests. Backed by over 70 years of experience, we offer affordable solutions tailored to your specific needs for results you can count on. There's never been a better time to invest in becoming pest-free.

Are you suffering from a rodent infestation? Then call or go online to schedule your free inspection and start benefiting from rodent control done with guaranteed results.

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