American Cockroaches In Alabama: What You Should Know

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an american cockroach crawling in a home

If you encounter insects or creatures around your Alabama home or business, don’t be nonchalant. With enough time to fester, they can cause a heap of trouble. Your property or personal effects are almost certain to be wrecked. You could face medical hardships as well. Most creepy crawlers can sting, bite, or scratch people. They also often pass on germs and diseases. When you’re confronting a pest that swiftly reproduces, like cockroaches, the dangers are profound.

American cockroaches are among the subspecies that consistently invade human dwellings. It’s beyond challenging to manage these bugs because they can enter without much effort. On top of that, they nest in spaces that are challenging to reach. Learn more about their behaviors and risk factors now. Havard Pest Control can help you stop them.

How Do American Cockroaches Function? What Are The Dangers?

Though American cockroaches aren’t native to the United States, they live across the country. Once they’ve fully matured, they are about 3 inches long and reddish-brown or mahogany. What appears to be a yellow number eight lies in the back of their heads. They can fly along short distances with their two wings.

Given that they flourish in damp and warm locations, American cockroaches favor outdoor settings. You’ll probably see large groups of these bugs by trees, flowerbeds, gardens, mulch, and sewers. Should they lack food or water, they’ll abandon a natural habitat for domiciles and establishments. Cracks and crevices in foundations, windows, and doors are typical entryways for them. Cockroaches tend to be in laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens, considering what they require for survival.

Major infestation indicators are:

  • Eggs: You might see eggs or casings in the vicinity of pellets. They could be in cabinets or stored items and under appliances. Color-wise, they’ll be brown with a red or black tint.
  • Droppings: In kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, and similar, you’re bound to find feces with ridges and blunted ends.  
  • Odors: The secretions and communication chemicals of cockroaches are somewhat musty.

Cockroaches have bacterial cells on their bodies that contaminate food and surfaces. On top of that, they have microbes in their saliva, urine, and feces. They get lathered with even more germs when they run in filthy environments, such as gutters, streets, and dumpsters. It’s due to the spines on their legs, which can glue to anything.

These pests are known for bringing on viruses, pathogens, gastroenteritis, salmonella, and other conditions. People with asthma or allergies may be affected by the dead skin and carcasses of cockroaches. American insects specifically damage fabrics and paper. 

How Can You Prevent American Cockroaches?

Enhancing your cleaning habits and exterior maintenance is pivotal to cockroach deterrence, regardless of species. You have to be diligent with it. Any lapses could have consequences. Remember that infestations can happen quickly. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Close up gaps in utilities, doors, windows, and foundations.
  • Have leaks and moisture complications repaired right away.
  • Put sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery on a routine basis.  
  • Place flowers and plants at least two feet away from the property.
  • Use containers with airtight lids for food and trash storage.
  • Remove garbage, vacuum, and wash the dishes regularly.

What Can Havard Pest Control Do About American Cockroaches?

Believe it or not, some cockroaches are immune to retail insecticides and adjacent shelf goods. For those that are not, only a few of them will die. Most items aren’t robust enough to handle an infestation. However, they can be very toxic. We at Havard Pest Control have safe interior and exterior home pest control treatments that are industrial-grade. You’ll receive a free inspection when you call or email today!