The Trick To Keeping Cockroaches Off Your Mississippi Property

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cockroach crawling on food

As much as you might love living in Mississippi, you probably don't enjoy the pests. Out of all the pests in the area, you might detest cockroaches the most. If you're tired of coming across roaches on your property, there are a few things you should know. Find out how you can keep cockroaches away from your property.

Know What You're Dealing With

Before you take any steps to cockroach prevention, you should know more about the local cockroaches and what they can do to you. In Mississippi, there are four types of cockroaches that make their way into homes and businesses. The first type is the American cockroach. As the largest of the local species, this cockroach grows to be over an inch long. It's typically reddish brown in color.
Although American cockroaches are around, they're not as likely to invade your home as German cockroaches are. German cockroaches are smaller than American roaches but just as annoying. They're identifiable by the parallel stripes on their head.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches

In addition to making you feel uncomfortable in your own property, cockroaches are also hazardous. They spread pathogens that can infect humans with dangerous diseases. Additionally, cockroaches have a protein in their bodies that trigger allergies. Another issue with cockroaches is the way they impact your home or business. Often, a cockroach infestation will create a foul smell. They also leave behind feces, which doesn't look good. If you own a business, your cockroach problem could cause you to lose everything. You need a pest control technician to help you.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is ideal for cockroaches. If you have clutter throughout your home, basement, and attic, you probably will develop pest problems. You should declutter your home to deter roaches. In addition to keeping pests away, less clutter makes your home aesthetically appealing.

Clean Frequently And Thoroughly

If you maintain a clean home, you'll decrease your chances of having a cockroach infestation. This means wiping down your counters, mopping your floors, and cleaning your kitchen table. When you don't clean regularly, you make crumbs available to hungry cockroaches. Although it's important to do a surface clean, you shouldn't overlook the importance of a deep clean. If you don't clean under your oven and refrigerator, you are offering food to roaches. They only need small crumbs to survive, so the food under your appliances is more than enough for them.

Store Food And Trash Properly

When your food and garbage is easily accessible to cockroaches, they'll be abundant. You need to store your food and garbage with care, or you may be in dire need of residential or commercial pest control. For a safer home, you should store your food and garbage carefully. You might need to do some shopping to accomplish this goal. If you don't have plastic or glass containers with lids, buy some. You can keep all of your dried foods in those containers, and cockroaches won't be able to get into them.

Seal Off Entrances

Take a close look at your Mississippi home. How many cracks and crevices are in your walls? How large is the gap under your door and around your windows? Because cockroaches are small, they can get into unexpected places. Use caulk or sealant and close up all potential entrances.

Work With A Professional Team

You can only do so much to keep cockroaches out of your property. Even if you clean regularly and do your best to seal up entrances, you could have cockroaches. It's almost impossible to handle cockroach control on your own. Contact Havard Pest Control for the best form of cockroach control. We're eager to help you.