Who Else Wants To Avoid Paper Wasps Around Their Alabama Yard This Summer?

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paper wasps climbing on a nest

Almost everyone has a childhood memory associated with being stung. For most, this memory has stuck with them, creating a very rational fear for anything that even looks like it might have a stinger. As we head towards summer here in Alabama, stinging insects like paper wasps will be becoming more and more present. If you are looking for a way to avoid these painful stingers this season, we have some simple tricks you can try.

What Are Paper Wasps?

There are many different species of paper wasps that exist out in the world, and each has a slightly different appearance. Most are a variation of black and yellow. Some have a bit of red in their pallet. All have slender bodies, long wings, pinched waists, striped abdomens, and a very painful stinger.
All paper wasps build their nests out of some form of paper or wood material. Some nests have even been found made out of colored paper, which, as you can imagine, looks pretty cool. What is not cool, however, is that some paper wasps build their nests underground, inside holes. One wrong step on a hidden nest and you could be in for a swarm of pain.

The Benefits Of Paper Wasps

We know what you are thinking, how can such a painful and aggressive pest be beneficial? The truth is, paper wasps are beneficial in the same way honey bees are. Using their bodies, they cross-pollinate plants. This helps them grow healthy and strong. Of course, this benefit gives wasps no right to settle down and threaten you on your own property. We can all agree they can do their job in helping the environment somewhere where people are not living.

The Problems Wasps Cause On Properties

When wasps build their nests on properties, many problems arise. The biggest of which is the threat of being stung. This threat increases as winter comes closer and closer. Why is this? Well, wintertime is when queen wasps prepare to hibernate. This makes her subjects hyper-protective, and a fair amount more aggressive than other times of the year. It is not uncommon for wasps to swarm on individuals that they have deemed are too close to their nest during this time.
Some people are allergic to the venom of wasps. Just one sting and they could go into anaphylactic shock. If you are unsure if you are allergic or not, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor so that you can have an EpiPen on hand, in case you need it.

How To Make Your Yard Less Hospitable To Wasps

Wasps are attracted to lawns by two things, sweets, and meats. These two basic food groups make up the entirety of most paper wasps' diet. Keeping your yard free of these two food groups is the best thing you can do to deter wasps from settling down. Things, like picking up after outdoor gatherings or cleaning fruit from your yard, are both great examples of ways to do this. If you feed your pets outdoors, pick up their bowls right after they are done with them. Some homeowners get rid of their flowers to reduce their chances of having wasps.

What To Do If Wasps Have Settled On Your Property

The big question is, what can you do if wasps settle on your property? The answer is simple. Let the professionals here at Havard Pest Control help. Our team has the safety gear and experience needed to find and eliminate all wasp nests on your property.
Before you grab your bat or a can of chemicals that might be dangerous to you, give us a call. We would be happy to safely handle your wasp problems for you.