Summer Mosquito Prevention For Homes In The Southeast

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For every season there are trade-offs. Winter gives us a reprieve from the blistering heat of summer, but it also makes swimming much less enjoyable. Spring is beautiful as new life grows up all around, but sometimes it is raining too much to enjoy it. As for summer, you may have already guessed the tradeoff to all of its many upsides, it's the subject we will be talking about today, mosquitoes. If your home does not already have the protection it needs to keep mosquitoes at bay this summer, stick around, we have some tips that should help.

Why Mosquito Season is Back and Why Now Is The Time To Prepare

All across America and the world, mosquitoes have one thing in common, when the temperature drops, they start breeding. This may seem strange, but let us explain. When the temperature drops below 50°, female mosquitoes begin to breed and lay their eggs in stagnant sources of water. These eggs then lay dormant until the weather heats back up again. What does that look like here in the Southeast? Well, because of our short winters and longer periods of warmer weather, mosquito season is usually from March until the end of fall. This means that now is the time to prepare before the temperatures rise more and mosquito season reaches its peak.

Steps To Take To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

Our yards are extensions of our homes. It’s where we can go to enjoy nature without leaving our little corner of the world. However, when mosquitoes get involved, enjoying nature becomes a lot more difficult. To keep your yard safe from mosquitoes this summer, consider following these helpful steps.

  • Eliminate sources of standing water where mosquito eggs may be waiting to hatch. Common places this may occur are in bird baths, puddles, ditches, flower pots, decorative ponds, and children's toys. Because of how small mosquitoes are, they do not need much water in which to lay their eggs.
  • Consider installing fans around outdoor lounging areas. The breeze these fans provide is enough to prevent mosquitoes from landing as they are known to be lousy fliers.
  • If you enjoy having bird baths in your yard, consider investing in ones that have running water so the water cannot stagnate and allow mosquitoes to breed in them.
  • For homeowners who have ponds or large bodies of still water on your property, consider stocking them with mosquito fish, such as Gambusia Affinis. These fish will eat unwanted mosquito larvae out of the water, which helps decrease the population tremendously.
  • Get in touch with a pest control professional. Although DIY can help with mosquito control on your property, it is never as effective as professional pest control.

Why Call Havard For Professional Mosquito Treatment

Here at Havard, we would like to be of assistance to you. Just like mosquito repellant that you wear on your body to keep mosquitoes away when you are out in the wilderness, we have mosquito repellant for your property. To get your very own professional mosquito treatment, give us a call today! We will send one of our qualified pest technicians your way to get your property properly defended before mosquito season really hits.